CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?


Long long long time coming. Precisely my kind of place here. Cozy, bustling and with spectacular food.

Pulled up like an Italian after a quick lubrication at the Umbrella

started with a Valpo. Quite nice, on the value side on their list.

veal tongues were quite wonderful, not as delicate as overboiled tongue can be… appears they leave more of the skin on for a snap… this is an app we’d get every time

Very nice charcutes… delivering as expected … the big star here for us was the pork shmear… was really craving some crusty bread for this, but they were rolling with the focachia type. the shmear is topped with perfect pork skin crumble for extra contrast.

Barbera was also nice here…

The smoked cheese (buratta was it) with roasty parsnips was a great combination… really cool flavors and textures…

their start cheesy foca didn’t disappoint either… really lovely… and again rich. a theme was beginning to build here … a richness through which red wine wasn’t cutting through… i was beginning to be concerned with the rest of things to still come

This is when this surprise happened before mains showed up… This Primitovo i brought was expected to just be a Puglia Primitovo, but I had no idea my shop recommended basically a natural wine for me. … Which I love… And it was a huge contrast to the other 3 reds we drank. Juicy, super tart, slightly musky and earthy, really ended up cleaning out our palates

the chicken showed up and was really incredible… it’s hard to pick a dish to not order, even the chicken is sort of a must have here… the drippings getting soaked by a toasted brioche type of bread

the potatos in lardo was also a fantastic side for me… i cant believe how thinkly they’re able to slice and lay out then bake off these potatos… again, loaded up with the grease but there can be no other way

lamb sausage showed up… i dont know what to say on this dish besides that this was the personal favorite… it had all the best aspects of lambiness, super juicy and really perfect with the salad and tons of oil and burned lemon. fantastic.

big up to the Brunello bringer… don dada bad boy winesseur… at this point i’m realizing that i’d rather drink tables wines when at a bustling place where i can’t truly pay attention and appreciate wine… so much food, conversation, just distracting from something so special… so lovely this one

and the tomahawk … what can i fucking say… i was wrong… you CAN impress me with a pork chop… fat layers had to be worked around, it was immense, the roasting was done impeccably, the meat I am not sure was heritage breed or not, it was their preparation that was the star here… still looking for that super red southern heritage pig… one day… but the star here was their rub… every bite was like a smack

rather rich and we obviously over-ordered so I’ll know what to do next time… but this is exactly how this place should be done on first visit lol. Nancy S was a sweetheart as well


Did they give you a complimentary round of Lipitor on the way out?

looks great though.


Side of lipitor was my joke that night… fukin ouch but worth it


Nice report, your meal was even more rich than mine. The richness also took some easing into for me…was really hankering for a cocktail as well (we started with negronis at Osteria Mozza while our table was clearing**). Even the salad we got felt a bit over dressed in oil. Still though, really fantastic meal. Get plenty of wine to wash it all down.

**A table of 4 on a girl’s night out was at our reserved table for 45 minutes until after our 8:30pm reservation. The party was just talking, with their left overs already boxed and bagged up for much of that time. The hostess felt like she could not say anything to the party to get them to leave, even though she claims they arrived 30 minutes late to their own reservation. Finally the manager had to ask them to leave. Forgot what the restaurant comped us, maybe a bottle of wine or just a dessert. Can’t remember because despite it starting quite rocky, we left very happy.


So glad to hear Chi Spacca is still hitting it out of the park.


Where did Colby end up anyway?


The rumor is he’ll be at april bloomfield’s new restaurant


His latest Instagram post:


I really wonder what went so terribly wrong at Gwen for him to depart so soon. Seemed like a great fit for him.




Chad left prior to Gwen opening didn’t he?


I hope his new place works out. The only other chef I miss as much is Funke, and since Funke is returning finally, that just leaves Colby.


Yup left before opening.


Are there still rumors that he’s gonna be part of the new April Bloomfield restaurant? Seems like a logical fit for him…


Did finally try the PIE on 3rd visit last week… absurd really

don’t order unless there are 4 of you


Is it bad to have eaten this pie with only one other person then?


No. We did too. But it was hard after the charcutes


Chi Spacca is just generally hard with a party of fewer than four.


Oh c’mon. My wife and I will get the pie, tomahawk pork chop, charcuterie sampler and one other dish. The only leftovers we usually have are a quarter of the pie and the bones from the pork chop. And the only reason we don’t touch the bones is we’d rather take them home and gnaw off every last bit of meat in peace, instead of scaring off nearby diners.


You’re not serious lol. I’m not a little guy but there’s no way that’s truth.