Devastated that Bourdain died


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I think his first three-four seasons of Parts Unknown were spectacular. In recent years it has lost steam.


I just meant a lot of middle aged guys I know loose a lot of weight when in a new relationship. “Emaciate” as verb is too exaggerated a word (if it even IS a word).


We’ll never know what was on his mind, but if one were to speculate, I’d start with the possibility that after making the Hong Kong episode with Asia Argento as director and Christopher Doyle as DP his lows on work trips were even lower than usual.

If you want a conspiracy theory, it’s hard to beat the one about the Azerbaijani assassins:


I think when Bourdain started doing Brazilan jiu jitsu he lost what little fat he had. He looked more strong and wiry than emaciated to me.

On the show when he and his brother went to Paraguay to track down their great-great-grandfather, he said his trick for staying thin was never to eat the bread. Plus when traveling he got food poisoning / turista fairly often.


I’m not a mental health professional (nor do I play one on tv) but if that’s how someone truly works through their grief then they make want to seek some professional help. If it’s ‘just’ morbid curiosity then so be it.


Agree. It’s not unusual for people to want to understand something. Some of the conspiracy theorizing is terrible, but the timing of the paparazzi snapshot does seem to be highly coincidental. Who knows.




Compete and total devastation. By some strange cosmic force the hotel I booked in NY is only 2 blocks from this. Wanted to share with y’all.

Stood there frozen for a while last night buzzed, bummed a cig from a french lady and just zoned out staring


wtf is an Alex Jones link doing on this board?


Okay, I get it and agree. I thought you might have had insight into some obscure psychological phenomenon. :smile:

Haha… I too was wondering if emaciating was actually a word.

The younger woman thing is understandable. I get it. My theory is men - of a certain age - who have just ended long term relationships almost always go for younger women. Only a few are dumb enough to marry them.


A great woman is great regardless of age.


I have been binge-watching Bourdain starting with a Cook’s tour. He’s no longer with us. But I’ll continue to watch his show. Just like putting on a Jimi Hendrix record.


Yes, he left us with these gems.


I’m looking for a place that sells encased meats on a bun. To which I will raise above my head and eat in Anthony’s honor. Any suggestions?


Wow, that’s a bit harsh. People of any age and sex have rebound relationships. And people do remarry fairly often, maybe not to the first person they meet, but eventually.


I thought he went to a hot dog place on one of his shows in LA, but can’t find any reference to it on Google. Maybe it was actually SF.


I googled and found many references to hot dogs and Bourdain all over the place.


Thought he went to Pink’s.


papaya king would be the AB move, too bad papaya king hollywood closed down.