Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


Went to Mon Petit Poulet today for lunch. It’s too early to give them a full on review, and there was truly nothing to photograph that isn’t on their Instagram page (linked above), but here’s the deal:

It’s only rotisserie chicken, and the various “flavors” listed are the sauce they spoon on top. I got the Rosemary and it was delicious. The chicken is extremely moist, the skin is crispy, and the flavors are wonderful. Very French

I got mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes because they were out of Hericot Verts and I don’t like cooked carrots (it’s with honey) and wasn’t in the mood for lentils, and they spooned the Rosemary gravy on those - delicious. The potatoes really are satisfyingly good.

Here’s what bugged me, though: there is only one choice: 1/4 chicken with two sides, and it’s $14.95, with tax it’s $16.25ish. That’s way too expensive for lunch. Because they didn’t have the green beans, I asked for just one side, which they couldn’t accommodate (or pretended not to understand, they’re French, but really friendly - just kept shrugging as they piled on the potatoes)


I went as well for lunch today.
Feel just like you did - it is way too much to pay for chicken, but still darn tasty.
Roasted Spuds are really divine as they are cooked in the dripping chicken fat.
They gave me a taste of the ratatouille which was also really good.
I had the fig sauce, it was good. but too sweet for the bird, IMHO. Should have had the thyme.
Napkins are in surprisingly short supply.


I went yesterday (damn, we FTCers are keeping them afloat right now!) - The menu offers 5-6 types of chicken. I asked for a whole chicken - they only had thyme.

Fairly good chicken in the rotisserie vein, but adding the complimentary MPP au jus strangely didn’t help the chicken taste any better.

I asked for haricots verts - No dice. The potatoes were good, though. And I got offered a sample of lentils, which were delicious as well.

Super friendly, enthusiastic service. They were shocked that I spoke some French (dude, it’s L.A.!)…

And the chocolate cake was excellent.

Whole chicken, potatoes, and 2 slices of chocolate cake came out to $51 and change.

I’d give them a week or two to really ramp up before rendering a verdict.


I think the Parisian pedigree will generate enough interest to keep them alive for a very short time. But unless they liven up the place, spiff up the offerings and deaden up the price, I think they will be in trouble – in Paris they don’t have to compete with El Pollo Fucking Loco


This is what I’m looking forward to.


… not to mention Zankou, Pollo a la Brasa, et al.

I suppose in Paris EPL would be “Le Poulet Fou” :smiley:


Also - California Chicken Cafe is right across the street. And they have broccoli soup (that I LOVE). Wonder if we were there at the same time @CiaoBob


MPP roasters fly First Class Air France and attend Lycée Français. $5 Costco chicken takes public transportation and LAUSD. :wink:


Hi @yogachik,

I was just thinking about that (CCC). How’s the chicken compare to California Chicken Cafe? Thanks.


Or if it were started by a verlan-talking hamster… “Le Poulet Ouf”


It seems incredibly weird to be forced into getting 2 sides. The chicken price is about right, I think Howlin Rays, for example charges $9 for a quarter chicken.

Since everyone is saying it’s too early to judge…what do ya’ll expect to change/improve other than prices?


Looks like there’s also an option for chicken only ($9.95/lb)


why isnt it on their dinner menu? i want some of this


My favorite chicken around LA is in Los Alamos lol… leave me alone, some dude posted jerk from Kingstaan. (you’re out of bounds for that, b, that shit got me mad)

they use a gorgeous oven from France.


Bell Street Farm! :heart:

I like their sandwiches also.


they can do no wrong, their porchetta is badass too obviously… but i can’t not chicken there. and owner is the sweetest


Best pate sandwich. Ever.

Badass rum cake too.


It’s as if the wife was listening to us today


I was there at noon, I was alone.
There was a woman there just when I came in, later joined by a dark haired-bearded fellow.
Then another guy game in.
Everyone (but me) was interested in les haricots vert, which the mildly-befuddled-but-very-nice French servers seemed very, very unsure as to their expected arrival for serving (“a few minutes” went to “15 minutes” went to “we don’t know”).


Ah, I was there at 1or so, solo. And asked about Hericots Vert, he said I was two hours too late.