Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


My son bugs me about this AYCE chicken at A-Frame from time to time. What’s your opinion? Thanks


It was a fun meal but definitely not destination worthy. If it being AYCE does not hold any appeal then dont bother.

The beer can crackling chicken was kind of boring but the mochiko chicken and wings were good if inconsistent. Some pieces of mochiko were over battered and some had only a little and some wings had a lot of sauce and others not as much.

Wings were fried plain with a spicy sauce which is what made them Korean vs. being similar to kyochon, etc. No breading on them.

Loved the salad. A spicy vinaigrette was great and really went well with the fruit and nuts in it. Fries were really good as well.

My day of eating was colored by being paid for by others and being with family I dont see often enough so I probably am being a bit optimistic.

Beer selection was surprisingly good.


AYCE fried chicken + alcohol at 11am = it could be worse


The beer part I like. Just wasn’t sure how the quality and consistency of the chicken was since it’s AYCE. This could be promising!


IMO it’s pretty good at that price point, esp when compared to some of chowseekers higher priced fried chicken entries. IIRC i stopped at 4 pieces.

Their accouterments are good too - ranch, hot sauce, lemon.


Mon Petit Poulet was pretty darned good last night. Our family was scattered to the wind yesterday. My daughter and I were on an ice cream fact-finding mission - Jeni’s on Rose (their flavors are true) - and we were in a target-rich area as far as food goes.

No one made any suggestions except, “sandwich with avocado and stuff,” (try yelping that and see what truly pertinent hits you get) so I figured this would be a great time to bring home the chicken.

The two very French gentleman who run the house are very friendly, very helpful and I felt like an idiot for being devoid of any conversational French - you just want to join in and be convivial (it wasn’t dark enough outside to shine the "@J_L SOS Bat signal).

As already mentioned, the menu is pretty brief - they are a roast chicken specialist offering high quality birds, various sauces to go with the bird, a small but sufficient number of side options and chocolate cake for dessert if you choose.

Also, if you look back next to the chicken roaster, freshly baked baguettes pierce upward - sufficiently executed by the way. Think Lou Grant - Crusty exterior, soft interior. My only warning would be that they are not sour at all but work well in sopping up any juices that would otherwise be left on one’s plate.

We ordered a whole bird that was roasted with thyme, Charlottes (roasted baby potatoes), haricot verts, and sliced carrots. The bird had a wonderful perfectly roasted skin, succulent meat - even the breast meat was perfectly moist - and on the larger side. I believe they source Mary’s chickens (the gentlemen’s accents and inflections are thoroughly French - wonderful and colorful but hard for me to cut through).

The haricot verts were delicious - a fresh sweetness, garlicky, crunchy with just a hint of salt. Carrots were wonderful as well. Seasoned with rosemary, bay leaves, honey and butter, these carrots are no throw-away afterthoughts.

For me, the only slight letdown were the baby potatoes. I was hoping for toasty roasty chicken fat potato orbs. These were very plain - needed salt. But if one so chooses, the chicken skin makes a wonderful wrap around those potatoes.

A whole bird, about a pint of au jus, three large sides and a baguette came to $62 and change. I left a 20% tip - they threw in an extra baguette. Maybe they felt for me and my sucky French. Other than Mon Petite Poulet, baguette and “Harry Koh vair” were the extent of langue Française. The French lady in line behind me probably developed a permanent twitch from experiencing me damaging centuries of French culture.


Dear wife was driving by Mon Petite Poulet around dinner time. She decided to grab a couple of “oiseau de cour” for dinner. She still remembered the MPP birds from about a month ago - really enjoyed the quality, particularly the skin (so dang flavorful).

I shop at Costco a fair amount (as my comment above suggests) so getting a $5 bird there is serious QPR. Thus, the MPP birds just seem outrageously priced in comparison.

But last night’s chicken - the one flavored and filled with olives - was fantastic. And in line with MPP’s focus on a great eating experience, they provided the jous in a mason jar - new to me as last time the jous was in a to-go container. This stuff is liquid gold.

We’ll enjoy the other bird tonight!

I almost forgot to mention. This bread pic is of a loaf I picked up at a relatively new little market in Venice called, “Tesuque.”

Tesuque out of Santa Fe, NM and offer a pretty nice selection of wines, liquor, cheese, charcuterie, sandwiches, coffee, and gifts.If you’re familiar with New Mexico, they carry a line if Los Poblanos Organic Farm products. They also should be opening up a full service kitchen as well. They’ve created a small patio area in back with tables for those wanting to eat in. Hoping they offer a New Mexico-based menu. They also are waiting for approval on a Liquor license - not sure if it’s to serve just beer and wine, or cocktails as well.

Tesuque is on the weird corner of Mildred and Ocean Aves., just south of S.Venice Blvd (for those old enough, what used to be Kim’s Liquor). Great place to drop in, grab a bottle, sandwich or coffee.

The bread is kind of like a monkey bread, but savory. Cheese, scallions and a serious dose of red and green Chiles (I’m guessing Hatch or some other N.M. Chiles) are incorporated into this bread - pretty dang spicy. It did a nice job sopping up the chicken juices.


Went over to Tesuque get this bread for home dinner tonight.
Had quite a nice chicken burrito with NM hot green chili’s.
Cute place.


You are a fast worker. Need folks like you signing off on alcohol licenses.


Ha. Funky spicy bread. Liked it better toasted.


We did the same.



The FTC Walk of Shame: Posting February DoTM in May. I was super busy in February, and you know one can get distracted on this board. But I did do some pretty tasty chicken eating.


Chicken Pot Pie and New Mexican Roasted Chili, Butternut Squash, White Corn & Corn Nuts (yep, corn nuts)

I :heart: chicken pot pie. There actually wasn’t any pie on this chicken pot pie. :confused: Sourdough rolls were used to sop up the light, savory sauce & soft, stewed chicken. The chili roasted, butternut squash was delicious w/bits of corn nuts adding a nice little crunch.

Expresion Oaxaqueña
3301 W. Pico Blvd (locale)
Koreatown Adjacent

Chicken Mole Negro

The picture speaks for itself :relaxed:.

Mole Coloradito con Pollo or Mole Rojo con Pollo (we think) - aka My New Favorite Mole

We ordered it from a picture on the menu; it’s a Oaxacan specific mole that neither the waitress or my Mexican friends were completely familiar with; complex dark mole flavors but with acidity from tomatoes and possibly a touch of vinegar. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Judi’s Deli
N Bedford Dr
Beverly Hills

My Favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich

Tender chicken breast, diced, folded into a generous amount of mayo, salt & pepper on perfectly toasted white bread, with a minimal amount of iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato. I like curried chicken salad w/currants and such (Sweet Lady Jane’s is very good), and I so miss L’Amande’s chix salad croissant; but a basic, no-frills chicken salad is my go to. Oh, and Judi’s makes a good bowl of matzo ball soup too.

Tutto Bene (formerly Bailey’s)
Crescent Dr
Beverly Hills

Another Favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich

Same simple sandwich as Judi’s, but chicken is not as tender and the bread is not as toasty.

Soup of the Day - Chicken Noodle

This is decent. But they occasionally make an Italian Wedding Soup which is better.

Tutto Bene is a mom & pop known for specialty cakes and German baked goods. They have changed their name from Bailey’s (?) and added more menu items. But they have the same - sometimes boisterous - loyal customers who have been meeting for years for lunch (and stay all day).

La Paella
San Vicente
Near Cedars

Croquetas de Pollo (Chicken Croquettes)

These are super creamy and may not be chicken-y enough for some, but I love 'em.

Paella Valenciana Mixta -
Rice, saffron, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables with a touch of red peppers
and rosemary

This is not exactly a chicken dish, but the super tender, flavorful chicken deserves a mention.

Tres by José Andrés
San Vicente Blvd
Near Cedars

I wanted to see how La Paella’s swankier Spanish neighbor compared. Bazaar was closed and I’m kinda’ glad.

Croquetas de Pollo

These also have a swankier description “Organic farm raised chicken and béchamel fritters”. They came with pepper sauce and aioli. Pretty much the same preparation (creamy, less chicken-y) La Paella Wins! Better texture, better flavor.

Chicken Dumpling Soup - Chicken Broth, Potatoes, Daikon, Pasta (Conchiglie)

I was sure dumplings would be March DoTM. So I got a jump on it. This was actually more like a refined Italian Wedding Soup, which I love, so… :relaxed:

I sat at the long communal bar and had a lovely time. It was right after the Oscars. Guests were checking out and the hotel was quiet. One of the guys from Moonlight stopped in to say goodbye to the staff (sweet). Instead of being tired from all the hoopla, the staff seemed happy for the company and shhh… kept my glass of cava full :wink:.

Trejos Tacos
La Brea Ave

Fried Chicken Burrito

I don’t remember disliking this, so…

Pampas Grill
Brazilian Churrascaria
Culver City

Leftover Chicken Stroganoff, Garlic Rice & Black Beans

We’ve discussed this on the Fairfax Farmers Market thread. The meat is good. But the buffet is the ticket! Just the black beans alone are :kissing_heart:.

Bludso’s B & Q
La Brea Ave
Los Angeles

Sorry Maple Block chicken lovers. I’m sure it’s me and not you. But I so favor Bludso’s BBQ Chix.

Chez The Cookie - Baked Chicken Thighs

Okay, so this is a cheat. They are not from a restaurant and I didn’t make them in February. But, permit me to show off a bit; they came out really well.

Thanks for your :chicken: time.


Hi !

Too bad. Being a New Englander, nothing makes me happier than the sight of corn, potatoes and meat/seafood spread out on a paper covered table… Actually, now that I think about it, it’s usually not french fries and chicken. There presentation is cool though :relaxed:.

:rooster: :chicken:


What the cluck!!!
Great post. I’m salivating for your thighs.


As are we all, I must say.


What a convenient bump.


I need to have that fucking chicken, thanks for the heads up.


Yes. Yes you do

Unfortunately my parents swiped the bill so I have no idea how much it actually costs.


is that one of the dishes you need to order in advance?


Yes. I reserved it that morning. They said “if we make it tonight we’ll make you one”

Let’s be clear though, they call it chicken but it’s like 80% shrimp paste