Foie Gras: Gone Again?


Do you think that banning high capacity clips or assault riffles will really put a serious dent in overall gun violence? See where I’m going with this?


That’s not a source. You’re just spreading fake news.


Agreed, Here is J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s eyewitness report, I am sure @Nemroz will confirm what he has seen in the Dordogne to what I have; flocks of ducks and geese running around freely in farms until it is time for the end. If you are going to eat meat you have to deal with it, and factory farms, ever drive past the cattle pens on the 5?, are far worse.


Thanks for sharing, @ebethsdad! That article and the subsequent follow-up were most enlightening.
I should be allowed to eat what I want when I want it…and I enjoyed my Epicurus purchased foie very much during the holidays.


Those feed lots are brutal in the summer, they are just finishing lots though, where cattle is fattened up on corn in the final few months. They’re brought there i think from various sources. Apparently large scale finishing lots are generally like that but wish it was in a more humane area though.


I don’t need factory farms eliminated and it’s pie in the sky to think they will be. There are too many people who don’t care. They want their meat cheap. I’d just like to see laws prohibiting the gruesomely, inhumane treatment of farm animals. If the ASPCA came into your home and saw your pet being treated the way those poor pigs are being treated you’d be in jail.

If it’s more expensive for the farmers to change then too bad. The government gives companies years to comply to new laws and regulations. With as much meat as we eat farmers will recover soon enough. If it is too big a burden for the farmers (which it’s not) the government can subsidize them until they’re on track. They can take some subsidy money out of the unnecessary agriculture budget. When is the last time most of us have gone a day without consuming some type of corn or soy product in our food? But PETA, who could help, wants only to eliminate the sale and consumption of meat period and there’s no middle ground with them and therefore there’s no help from them. Say goodbye to your foie! But continue to see factory farms flourish.


The population needs to be fed. You can’t expect a competent workforce or a well-functioning society without providing the basics of protein, fat, and carbs, hence subsidies.

This is a historical constant. When the peasants get hungry enough, that’s when the revolutions begin.


Fantastic, do that while regulating it. Effective regulation. One based in ethics. Unfortunately these things are written by corrupt lawyers in government than people who genuinely want to improve the world.


I like foie gras


I like foie gras


Foie Gras is just ok


I still liked foie gras


I remember going to golden gate meats in sf when the first ban was lifted. I asked for a lobe and they looked around like it was a drug deal . I told them I was from Peta . People eat tasty animals. Everything was ok after that .


THIS ^^^^^



From Budapest a few years ago. Hungary is the second largest producer after France. It was so wonderful we also had it for dessert :smile:


Just posting these for the hell of it!


Ha. We definitely did this in Sevilla once


The chef, who spoke no English btw, got such a kick out of our request that those little dots were purees of various fruits that he made just for us. I went back to the kitchen and thanked him - with help from our server.


It’s absolutely one of my favorite things to eat.


And Hungarian Tokaji is as great a pairing with foie gras as you’ll ever find…


Ooh, good to know. Thanks. I’ll get a bottle for our next feast…which is way overdue.