Foie Gras: Gone Again?




It looks delicious.


Ohhh, nice. “You have such a head fa’ knowing. You know everything. :relaxed:


I’ll quote you to Alex Trebek, if ever I meet him (again). :smiley:


We seriously can’t order or buy foie bras anymore? Or can restaurants order it from other states?


I was just wondering the same thing. Do we have a grace period? Can I get my Loco Moco at Animal one more time??


it’s now illegal to sell and produce foie gras in california. bavel, majordomo, republique have already taken it off the menu.


Sucks! Not that I ate it often nor is it my favorite food, but I like it a lot and it was there if I wanted it. The biggest hit will be financially for the producers.


Guess my plan is back to Plan A of starting a lamb farm (a breed that we dont have) because Plan B was definitely gavaging poultry


Time to BYOFG.

Bavel can supply the buckwheat bread and the date paste, I’ll do the rest.


I’m a fan of the '08 Betsek - lots of apricot, citrus, and black pepper notes; the 3 being a great foil to the sweetness of accompanying fruit that the liver’s ostensibly served with. Maybe even some pink pepper and roast pineapple.

Some restaurants will simply “gift” foie. When the ban was in effect, one quite nice restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea would gift it and theirs was smoother and lighter than almost anywhere else in California. Maybe restaurants will continue to do that this time around :crossed_fingers:


My fave is grilled peaches.

I’m in NV so it’s not a problem for me to order it. I can’t remember when it was first banned in CA, if suppliers would ship to individuals but not to restaurants.


My experience as well…


I read someplace that the Ninth Circuit has to issue an order lifting its stay before the law goes back into effect. I don’t know if that’s true or if they already have.

The law bans only producing and selling in California. Contrary to some reports the law does not ban transport. You can mail-order it from some out-of-state sources or have someone ship it to you.

The enforcement provisions are very weak.


It’ll be even weaker than the Shark Fins ban.


Haha… Sounds like a FTC meet-up in the making and so cultured too. J_L and BradFord can bring the Tokaji. :wink:

Hey @skramzlife, did you comment on a food conversation that was so elite it was killing you? How about this one? :slight_smile:


That one really seems like a barbaric practice.


Just order some and cook it yourself. 'Bout the easiest thing evah. Thirty seconds on one side and and twenty on the other. Mmm.


Thank you for bringing me back to reality. I will do that. Anyone have a trusted rec for shipping the closest and freshest? Or is this something we’re going to have to start figuring out?


Except for the Sonoma folks, I’ve only ordered from Hudson Valley.

IIRC I got Hudson Valley via D’Artagnan with a free or cheap shipping offer.