Let’s talk Khachapuri, particularly the adjaran / adjaruli style (Georgian cheesebread that a lot of Armenians make)


No way! I’m just curious and am more proud if they’re Armenians. Armen sounds very Armenian… nemroz is twist on nemrA


He is. He told me when I was there the other day. Armen Piskoulian is the guy behind it. I’m not sure where the name Tony comes from and I forgot to ask.


It’s a good nickname. Beats Armen Khachapuri if you’re tryin to appeal to insta crowd. They’re winning because of their strategy and location.



i know a great place where they can get some onions.


Thanks for the detail @AlwaysHungry. :wink: I’m in no mood to research “this Tony dude”.

Great thread @Nemroz! I agree about delivery killing off half the joy. It is so damn convenient. But funny thing is your delivery looks better than the in-house.

Gotta’ Love L.A. Most of the country doesn’t have access to any “ethnic” restaurants or markets, but we get to debate which ones are the best or most traditional.


@AlwaysHungry Sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks for taking one for the team.

I’m gonna save carbs and calories for something else.


Homemade version…

That’s beurre de baratte melting into the cheese. I used sulguni with organic Armenian Farmer’s cheese, and Bulgarian feta. Tasted great but didn’t have the right consistency. Plus the egg was off center. Will be better next time.


I love Pink Orchid’s khachapuri. They do cook the eggs firmer than some other places I’ve had it, but I haven’t had a problem with them being overcooked. For me they’re perfect.

(I also got laughed at there. I said “Bandari sandwich” something like six times, then wrote it down on a piece of paper. I really don’t think my pronunciation was THAT bad, especially since there was only one sandwich I possibly could have meant. It’s maybe not the best place to go if you have social anxiety.)


Looks delicious to me.


Thank you!


What’s this bandari sandwich? Funny story. Our people don’t give a crap lol


It’s a hot sandwich with sausage, potatoes, tomato, parsley, pickles, and lettuce. One of my favorite sandwiches in town. Even if I apparently can’t speak its name.



oh it’s persian? (per google). youre saying baan daah ree and it’s wrong?


Yeah, just like that. And I do know how to pronounce Persian vowels. Maybe it came out sounding funny because of my accent?


Should’ve asked for a Bandari “sando” :wink:


Ohhh - that bread looks awesome! Perfectly cooked!

Now to get myself over there…


Touched base with my Russian Armenian crew. They raved about Tony’s.


you have an us crew? :slight_smile:


I do! Three lovely sisters. Dad is Russian Armenian and mom is a Ukranian Jew.