Majordōmo - chinatown


flannery beef, it’s da best


it really was!


Cross-pointing this here from the FTC Meetup thread:

Any two people want to visit Majordomo on 9/15 at 6pm to have dinner with a few other FTC folks? Unfortunately, I can’t make it and @PorkyBelly has already committed to a large group deposit with the restaurant.

The group has chosen the $79 / person large group menu (“3 course menu” which gets us 2 bings, 3 appetizers, 2 mains, and 1 dessert), plus an additional $7 charge for the upgrade to the APL Short Ribs for one of the mains. I think around 10 or 11 people are joining the dinner.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


What are the appetizers and the other entree? Because 10 or 11 people are lots of mouths to feed!


They provided this sample menu several months ago, so I’m sure what is available will change. @PorkyBelly might know when the final order has to be provided (menu says 7-10 days in advance). I don’t be think it means you only get one order of each thing for 11 people, but the amount of different dishes included is limited. The regular menu is also available to supplement from.


Had no idea there was a course menu.


They have it for large groups.


No fruit in a plate option for dessert? I know that’s what you all are looking forward to.


it’s all about the Kakigori for dessert.


It’s all about making the presentation more Japanese. Also, people crave for the bounty bowl.


This can be for one or two people.


Still available? Put me down for 2 if so.


Actually - turns out I can’t make it. As such there are once again 2 spots available. Please message PorkyBelly if you’re interested.


That’s them cutting the cheese (raclette).


oh it was fish sauce alright :slight_smile: speaking of which… all of malibu lagoon area is fish sauce currently… well at least as of friday. pretty bad


Dinner after the Jim Henson exhibit.

santa barbara uni, avocado, tofu, yuzu
Surprise hit. Savory, creamy, slightly sweet, cold and refreshing.

bing roll, seaweed butter

(new) pork ssam - smoked coppa, glazed shoulder, crispy pig head
So porky it started stuttering th-th-the, th-th-the… that’s all folks.

Let’s check in with the Muppets to get their reactions.



Miss piggy

off-menu r&d fried chicken

soy sauce fried chicken

mushroom crusted fried chicken

strawberry kakigori, shiso, burrata cream, meringue


That’s a good looking kakigori.


how was the fried chicken? is it going on the menu?


Went last night because I had to have that pork-three-ways ssam, but it was already off the menu.

The spicy lamb is a school of Chang classic in that it’s somehow familiar but it’s hard to pin down from where. I guess it reminds me of a stewed-meat taco loaded up with pickled jalapeños, though the lamb makes me think more Indian. Whatever, it’s fucking delicious.

Three kinds of melon, shrimp, and cucumbers in chile-lime-fish sauce vinaigrette was to my surprise just as great as the lamb. The runner who brought it out said “try to get as much vinaigrette as you can in every bite,” which is bit exaggerated but the sauce does make the dish. I might try to duplicate this at home if I can find some shrimp of similar quality (doubtful).

The crispy pork belly was kind of disappointing. The gochujang was the best I’ve ever had, the kholrabi pickles were excellent, and the belly was perfect, but as a whole it didn’t reach the level of the first two dishes. It would have been better to share with 4-5 people, but it was a bit one-note for a solo diner. That gochujang, though, damn.



Likely not the same level as at the restaurant as they seem to use gochujang as a base before adding some other ingredients, but I picked up some Momofuku Ssam Sauce at Grocery Outlet for 99 cents a few weeks ago.