Random Food Photos


That dish looks quite nice. How was it? Thanks


i liked it. it’s a must order when i go


Saw some yelp pics - their food in general looks well prepared.


Yes. I agree. I really like the food there


Lunch. Hokkaido Uni. Tsukiji fish market food area.

Banged on the Offal Rice from the Uber-popular innards stand, finally. Since the wholesale fish market relocated, the queue was ONLY about 10 persons deep.


Happy Super Bowl LIII


“Is that a limpet on your chest or are you happy to see me?”


:sweat_smile: :wink:




I wonder where they’ll put the hikarimono?


But you said there wouldn’t be any pictures! :wink:


Hey, who hogged all the cockles!!??!


Starts like this :heart_eyes:… then turns to this :mask:.


Happy Chinese New Year! Spot the lucky dishes!


No shit.


Better as a painted illustration hung on a wall entitled “Murica”. :slight_smile:


:astonished: Talk about needing a trigger warning. Even my murderous cats would shy away from that one.


Fish and Dumplings??

Do I win a pig? :slight_smile:

Happy CNY to all. This year’s Poon Choi.

Pigging Out to usher in Pig year.

Baby Pig.

Youngster Pig.

Poppa Pig.

Five Flower Pig.

Pig Hand Noodle.

Hong Kong Pork Chop Grand Slam Breakfast.

Hotel room stash Pork.

Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th… That’s all, folks!


You oinkster. :pig:


Look what came in the mail - Percebes. Smells and taste like the ocean.