Random Food Photos


Faaaawk… pray tell what blade that is??? I need to move up to a real sword!!!


Good thing you had your sword on you - you never know when one of those sunflower stalks is going to attack.


After the seeds were harvested, it asked for an honorable end to its days. I sent the sunflower to the compost bin with much respect.




My husband has his late Marine Corps pilot father’s saber. Perhaps he should have it sharpened?


Salted Duck Egg Yolk Fried Shrimp, PRD pop up, food by Chef @JLee


The godfather of high cholesterol. It’s just the way I like it!


Was Pine & Crane packed to the gills that night? I saw a fried pomfret on Chef Johnny’s feed that made me drool.


it was pretty packed, a lot of people outside who were waiting to get seated. The PRD crew were pretty busy trying to get everyone seated and fed.


Not exactly a food picture but closely related!


Twist. What do I win?


Proud glutton award goes to…


Chinatown after dark - First Thursdays
Pearl River Delta - Jade Noodles with BBQ pork, Shrimp wonton, sliced duck, Crab meat, Yu Choy, Cilantro by Chef @JLee

Hot Buttered Churros with K-Town fudge sauce by Pastry Chef Beth Kellerhals


two scoops one cup


Now sold in all Whole Foods…


But usually the quality at the B&M stays high.


Barcelona meat market.


Where in Barcelona?


That’s so flippin’ cool, @Bookwich! Safe and delicious travels!