The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


The Gorilla Glue is excellent . :cowboy_hat_face: I make dinner for my neighbor . And she brings the vape .:dizzy_face:


Really makes me wonder just what kind of job you had where you could not sit and drink a whole cup of joe…
Professional Juggler?
Intersection Traffic Cop?


That’s why the FB link is provided.


You’re not retired, are you? :slight_smile: I’m talking about when you no longer are leaving the house. Make coffee, drink it.


I’m pretty sure they’ve changed substantially since I first ate them around 1970 – I suspect they changed 10 or 20 years later. ISTR they originally contained chorizo, and I distinctly remember the presence of an orange grease slick. I’m also pretty sure they originally contained beans. The old ones were definitely better, but I guess that applies to most everything.


Hi @CeleryVictor -

I grew up on the east coast and spent one or two summer vacays here. So, I probably only had 1970’s JITB once or twice. I remember thinking ordering from a talking jack-in-the-box was really cool. When we moved here they were already changing to what they are now. I remember my Cali cousins saying they had to change because of how gross the restaurants had become, making folks sick, health department issues and wasn’t there some horse meat controversy. They talked about it in a spooky urban legend kind of way :fearful:.

Most of my experiences with the tacos started in the 80’s, but think I remember a little orange grease as well. Anyway, funny enough, I’m not a vegetarian, but I kinda’ got grossed out by them when I found out they had meat in them. They suddenly just tasted wrong :worried:. I mean, what meat product tastes like that?

Maybe I’ll have a JITB taco soon… maybe.


I remember when JITB tacos contained kangaroo meat!


Am I the only one who has put a Jack N Crack Taco (with hot sauce of course) inside a Jumbo Jack Burger?

Will probably never do that again


That’s how I feel about JITB burgers. I tried one back then, and have never eaten one since. For all I know, they may be great now, but I’m not eager to find out.


If you order fried pickles, I will eat them. Probably more than my share.


Tragic news today folks: Del Taco removed nacho cheese from their menu.

In other news, Taco Bell stock went up today.


Yeah, but they’re replacing it with Queso Blanco, an arguably better and more authentic product… though perhaps not at 3AM drunk and/or stoned.


it’s not better and no amount of debauchery can change my mind on that.


Can’t wait to try this!!!


Leftover beef pancake from Northern Cafe. Fried to reheat, then carefully peeled open and squirted with ketchup. (I’m a genius.)


I think this belongs in the FTC confessions thread TBH


I feel no shame.


When your friend texts, “Want sushi?”, so you go have sushi, and it’s all great, and then the edible you ate before you got the text and forgot about starts to kick in: “You know what would be a perfect end to this meal? Fried food!”