The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


PDA (Public Dis-service Announcement).

Download the McDonald’s app. They’ve had the $1 sandwich special for quite a while, most sandwiches for a buck, including the Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, etc… Along with other price saving offers.

The best part is, their parking lot delivery service. Order on your phone en route, park in the designated parking spot, hot and fresh delivered to your car. No yelling into the speaker box, waiting in a long queue, counting out your change. You can also order via app and just walk in and pick up at the counter. Again, no waiting in line to order, and having to handle money.

Much simpler process, especially when one is Drunk or Stoned.



My friends in Vegas stopped by the other night for tacos after some work function dinner thing…apparently, in Vegas, the tacos are still $0.99.



Hell yes. $2 McMuffin with curbside service. Amazing.

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Pro tip: When using the McD app, order a Double Filet of Fish (if you’re into that sort of thing). One hell of a deal at $1. IME, the app doesn’t always work, so my technique is to show up at the counter, order my food, and then scan the QR code for the $1 sandwich, which knocks the price down from $5-something, to $1.08 w/tax. So far I’ve only come across one outlet in Vegas where that didn’t work (double FoF wasn’t on their menu), and I got charged an additional $1.20 for the extra piece of fish – still a great deal.

Almost forgot the most important part: Always ask for it to be cooked to order, so you don’t get fish patties that have been congealing in their little ovens for who-know-how-long. Makes a big difference. So to recap, fast food cooked-to-order, for $1. Just sayin’.

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Now that is a PRO tip!!

How do you get it fresh cooked? I don’t see that option on the app. Do you have to ask verbally?

Just noticed the sand special is now 2 bucks. Still a good deal, just not a great deal.

Is it $2 in other parts of the country , or are we only ones getting screwed?



It’s showing $1 on my app right now here in Vegas, and has been for at least a month or so (that deal went away for some time).

I never actually order through the app, as it only works about half the time at best. Instead, I order my sandwich at the counter – and yes, just verbally ask them to cook it fresh. Then click “View deals”, click on the $1 sandwich deal, and click on “scan at restaurant”, to make the QR code appear, scan the code after the sandwich is rung up, and watch the price magically drop.

I only feel slightly guilty about making them cook it fresh, for $1. Items like double cheeseburgers are often also improved by being cooked fresh. The quality difference is more noticeable with the FoF as they tend to sit in the “ovens” for a while after being fried. For something like a double cheese, during a busy time with good turnover, there’s little difference.

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It used to be $1 any sandwich excluding signature crafted or w/e but went up to $2 recently, and now no longer available.

Lots of free 6 pc nugget offers tho



In case you wanted to know what $14 worth of nachos from Rubios looks like



looks very light out for you to be one of the two



I was about to comment that it looked kinda skimpy for the price but then I saw the shrimp. Never saw that before.



Do we judge people for getting wasted at Sunday brunch? No we do not.



As it turns out, when you order, you CAN INDEED order them with “Extra Taco Sauce” and they will do it. Tried it tonight (yeah, so what if I wasn’t drunk or stoned!!?!!)

I heard you can also order them with sour cream.

Drunk and/or stoned game changer.



I found scallops and some grilled asparagus and I got very involved in sautéing and sauce making and looking through pantry and refrigerator for ingredients.

Scallops with carmelized lemon, shallots, capers, cardoman, parsley and mint + a little soy sauce and gochugaru. (Asparagus warmed up in same pan sauce.)

“What would David Chang do? No! What would Ottolenghi do?” It was fun. :slight_smile:



12am quesadilla - flour tortilla, salami, aged cheddar, locally sourced “salsa roja” inspired sauce

Tbh a lot better than I had anticipated. The fat from the salami rendered out and gave the quesadilla a bit of that street vibe.



You made this?



I can already tell this is going to be good because the flour tortilla has become translucent from the grease.



I love that you managed to find a local salsa roja.




Had my Moby and Breakfast Jacks naked. Next time.

Anyone else remember that the fish sando at Jack was Moby Jack? :slight_smile:

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