The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


Sunshine, are you already drunk and stoned on this lovely Saturday afternoon. :wink:


Sadly, no. sniff I think it’s the cold meds talking - and causing the cravings.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My notes from Cannibal a couple nights ago:

"Brusselssproutukoeean chiki paste mint basil tofu maple sutuo emulsion

Lemon cmon maple syrup"

I will let you know how my version comes out.


I don’t smoke, but if what you had does that, I will. :upside_down_face:


So you are in to edibles? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seattle has some GREAT “edibles.”


got roasted… watched The Pizza Show NYC episode on Viceland… got up at 9 and rode to Prime Pizza lol


A whole 8 oz log of goat cheese by itself.


Yo, what?


After old-fashioneds at the Old Man Bar, coronados from Nancy’s Bakery. How have we never noticed this place?

My photo is blurry and I licked all the whipped cream out, but trust me, it was really good.


After work hunger…

Rubios. It ain’t no Ricky’s or Baja Ensenada, but still good.


Im on my way to del taco as we speak my friend. Can’t feast like kings every day, but with enough prop 64 Its satisfying enough.


Hell yeah.

Del Taco>>>>Taco Bell. The Del is superior in every way to the Bell.


Fuck those fish tacos actually look pretty good from here.


Heck, now I’m craving Del Taco- unfortunately the one in Barstow :persevere:


I’ve have heard of this legend whispered…

The Barstow Del Taco, the holiest of holy temple of Del, the menu throws the typical devotee in a confusion, thee “Barstow Taco”?, at last on arrival it is twice the size with better ingredients. And the owner/Father Del himself still comes here to work even though he is what the homies call, ballin out of control. Amazing. Every table has a basket of hot sauces, my beloved El Scorcho!!


I shed a scorcho tear reading all these odes to Del.

The bean & cheese burrito with red hits all my spots.


They got a lot better when they went back to battering their fish in-house some years ago. I agree, not great, but they are convenient and definitely good enough to scratch an itch.


that’s certainly the lore. I am ashamed to say I have not yet visited this fabled del taco.


You should. They are actually cooking real food on the premises, including the beans.