What's cookin'?



Okay, good to know. I was afraid of overcooking. But I think my real problem was not enough liquid underneath.

Here is what I hope to achieve (30 seconds)


Ahhh… Very nice.


I was craving comfort food during these torrential rains, so I made vegan lasagna from the Hot for Food blog. It was pretty good the first day, but the flavor greatly improved during the next couple of days. It even won over my husband, an avowed carnivore.

Please ignore the scorched top. I wasn’t careful enough during the broiling phase… It was still tasty though.


CABBAGE, APPLE, TURNIP, BONITO, Roberta’s Cookbook, page 115.

Salad of napa cabbage, Granny Smith apple, and bok choy, dressed with togarashi dressing; Savoy cabbage warmed in bonito butter; garnish of Japanese turnip and horseradish, all drizzled with melted bonito butter.


Seems like a lot of cooking in response the LA rain… No different at Camp Mochi.

@MaladyNelson - The lasagne looks good! I’ve actually bookmarked an eggplant version in the Mozza At Home cookbook. Also just found it here, if you get the vegetarian lasagna itch again: http://luckypeach.com/recipes/eggplant-lasagne/


I had a lot of Savoy cabbage, so I made a casserole.

Savoy cabbage, small-diced white potatoes and carrots, kimmel seeds, a little broth and a lot of Earth Balance. And bratwurst. Because boys.


Ah, thanks for the reminder about the Mozza at Home cookbook. It’s been years since I’ve cracked it open. I’ll definitely make their eggplant lasagna when it gets blustery again.

BTW, your chili (I’m guessing) looks great, @President_Mochi!


Chicken and apple sausage cooked in skillet along with sliced red onion and seedless red grapes . Some vinegar added . Served on a bed of polenta


That sounds so good. Creamy polenta?


Yes , soft and creamy .


My fave! Have you ever done the oven cooked version. It’s so easy and good.



No . That sounds good . I’ll have to try that method . I usually stand around and stir the pot occasionally for around 45 min . I like to add some fresh bay leaf . I know you can use just plain old corn meal . But I am a sucker for the Moretti polenta . I’m not a fan of the stiffer polenta . Soft and creamy is the way I like it . The rest goes into a baking dish to firm up in the fridge . I like to cut it into squares and cook in a skillet for a couple minutes and serve along with some fried eggs .


I do the same with the leftovers. And, yeah, definitely try the oven baked. I give it a 10 :slight_smile:


Attempted borscht but missing any souring agent so maybe closer to minestrone.


Maybe closer to penis?



It is the year of the cock


That doesn’t look like either, but it does look delicious.


It was good, I was just looking forward to borscht and that wasn’t it.

That’s a d’Artagnan andouille.


Leftover sausage with grapes . Poached zucchini in oo with capers and a little garlic . Zested some lemon to finish . Polenta cooked in butter to brown , dusted with Parmesan and a drizzle of balsamic .