What's cookin'?


I :heart: Rice & Eggs!


I’ve been thinking you’re a real cook for quite sometime. Especially when it comes to your use of spices.


This may be a dumb question, but did you grow these? Or do you just mean first as in, first harvest at the farmers market/grocery store/csa?


Everything tastes better in chicken fat. That reminds me… I haven’t posted my Chicken Eating on February DoTM.


There’s my girl. I haven’t been checking in. I missed your cooking and your gorgeous pictures.


Aww, thanks so much, @TheCookie! I missed hanging out with you on the board. So glad you’re back!


First appearance in our CSA box. The only things we grow are Meyer lemons, figs, and herbs.


More tacos. Super thin chuck steak, seasoned, pinto beans, cheese, cilantro, crunchy salad greens, Cholula.


I misread that as Chocula.


And having visited the “Chihuly” exhibit in Seattle, I get it confused :slight_smile:


Clearing the fridge in preparation for new fridge delivery meal. Trying to clear out the bazillion half used condiments. Grilled a pork loin over the weekend seasoned with 7 sauces/marinades.

Dinner tonite:
Mystery sausage from freezer
Baked til crispy whole frozen thai chilis (circa 2014)
Chopped grilled onions
Sambal bajak
Heinz ketchup
Kewpie mayo
Hot dog relish
TJ arugula salad w ginger dressing


I’ll comment on this as we’re going away tomorrow. Leaving vegetables for the petsitters to either eat or toss. Dinner tonight and breakfast in the AM is going to be two carne asada/pastor burritos.


Toss . Have a great time . Where are you going ?


GREECE!!! Four nights in Athens and nine nights on three different islands. And we’ll be their for Easter. Bob has instructed me - I pick up people all over the world - to make friends quickly so we’ll get invited to their home for Easter dinner!!!


Fabulous . You must be super exited .:joy:


“Excited.” ??? Major understatement! We travel a lot but for some reason this trip has me super excited. Probably because we’ve been wanting to do it for 30 years!!!


Dinner at home in Athens.


[quote=“robert, post:557, topic:3429”]
first asparagus of the season, roasted in chicken fat
[/quote]I’ve been thinking about this for days. So I bought organic asparagus and made goat cheese/asparagus omelet yesterday. Tonight I’m baking free-range chix thighs w/chix schmaltz roasted asparagus!


[quote=“catholiver, post:572, topic:3429”]
Leaving vegetables for the petsitters to either eat or toss.
[/quote]My money is on toss.


Oh cath! I :heart: your traveling life! This question is late… as you’re already gone! But are you going to Santorini by any chance!