What's cookin'?


Hi @Bookwich,

Wow, nice! :slight_smile: I wish I knew how to cook Water Boiled Fish. :slight_smile:


Zojirushi, Tiger, Panasonic or Mitsubishi rice cooker?


Zojirushi thug fo’ life, yo…


Lamb lollipops on the grill . Basted with a mixture of , oo , red wine vinegar , sugar , salt , rosemary , and lavender . Broken white potato fried in oo . Finished with a little truffle oil . Peas cooked in butter . Wine to drink .:wine_glass: Cheers


I have a “push on button” and it works great. IMneverHO :slight_smile:

@Chowseeker1999 I saw a ton of recipes from Google for that fish dish. Sounds pretty easy. I need to try one.


No doubt, true thugs need dat fuzzy rice.


NEURO fuzzy, that is…


Made this for last night’s dinner. Tried something different. Added some wasabi (from a tube) to the top of the first rice layer. Good. Will do more next time. Have two leftovers. I’ve found that they MW great.


I guess this would be called an avocado salsa? Correct me if I’m wrong. We’re having chicharron tacos for dinner tonight and this will be part of it. Finely chopped avocado, minced jalapeno, red onion and radish, chopped grape tomatoes, lime juice, s&p. (Oops, forgot the cilantro.) I’ve been fixing it a good bit lately and like it better than guacamole or sliced avocadoes.


How do you do your chicharron?


Small, thin strips but chopped is good also. Just put them in a skillet and fry til crispy. My Latino market has every part of pigs, cows and just the other day they had goat.


This wasn’t really ‘cooking’ but it was dinner. We had a small amount of menudo that I’d frozen a while back. Also a small bit of turkey. And leftover pasta marinara’ish - it also had grape tomatoes and green peas. Heated them all up and mixed together and had a really good dinner. Really :slight_smile:


lentil soup with carrots, rutabagas, and ginger, scrambled eggs with onions and beet greens


Sounds and looks great. I’ve never eaten beet greens but tried to feed them to one of my horses - who would eat ANYTHING - and he spit them out. I suppose cooking takes bitterness away?


Beet greens aren’t bitter. They’re too tough to eat raw unless maybe they’re little baby leaves. I cut the stems out so it’s a lot of prep but worth it. To me they’re tied with lacinato and Red Russian kale for most delicious greens.


Now THAT is really good to know cause I love lacinato. I generally just tear the stems out. Gotta give this a try. Thanks, r.


I neglected to take any pictures, but I had great success with this roasted chicken recipe from the Chi Spacca folkz: https://www.tastingtable.com/chefs_recipes/chefs_recipes/Roast-Chicken-with-Paprika-and-Pepper-Recipe

Bonus points for the on-sale Mary’s Chicken that I picked up from WF for $4.XX.


This lunch is unlikely to be repeated: fried rice made from leftover Extremadura-style paella with farinato, pork cheeks, and panceta and leftover Burmese pork intestine with onion, fresh Serrano chile, homemade nappa kraut and hot sauce, and an egg.


You fix the best meals, from some leftovers, right?


Varies, not all my ideas are good. I knew this would work because the rice tasted like there was tripe in it (though they swore there was none).