What's cookin'?


Sweet - California has the best climate.


Absolutely . :sunny:


A chilly breeze came up around sunset so we had to move inside. We’ve had only a few days of deck-dining weather in Berkeley so far this year.


It’s my favorite time of year for garlic.


My favorite time for garlic was a month ago, before the bulbs begin split apart.


Nice . So what do you plan to do with it ? I walked by spring garlic today at Shoppers Corner . Santa Cruz . Looks like I will be back tomorrow after seeing your pics to grab some .


That went into a batch of lentils with braised pork shoulder, tomato, onions, and chiles.


Picked up from the FM today , squid , and scallops . Cooked on ci skillet . Farro , combined with smoked tomato , red onion , broccoli rabe tops sauteed in garlic oil . Tossed in oo and red wine vinegar . Beer to drink :beer: Cheers .


Release the kraken.


Tuna crudo , with pickled watermelon , cantaloupe , radish , and red onion. Pea shoots . Bread sauteed in oo .


I covered the boned trotters with their broth and now it’s basically an aspic.

I have no plan in mind when I did that. I’d thought of frying but given how hot it is here I’m tempted do just cut some slices and serve with sauce gribiche, fresh horseradish cream, and pickles.



The recipes that DL posts are usually really good. I’ve had a very high success rate.


There was no tarragon or chervil at the farmers market so I’m going with his friend’s parsley-only version.

This evening’s menu was originally gong to feature halibut poached in goose fat, but since it’s in the mid-80s it’s all about what I could make with what was at the market or on hand without turning on the oven or putting a burner on high.

Jeremy Fox’s beets, raspberries, quinoa, and avocado

trotter aspic with sauce gribiche and horseradish cream

black cod and halibut cheeks poached in chicken broth with bok choy, spring onions, and pickled ginger


plum cake (a little bitty one that fit in a toaster oven)


I used this recipe for my asparagus a few weeks ago. It was nicely balanced.


The star of the show was the smelt fried in olive oil . Picked up some real nice fish from our Farmers Market ,from the Monterey Bay . Then I marinated it in lime, lemon ,and orange . Good but boring ceviche .Wine to drink Cheers



Kimchee and Sauerkraut

I accidentally used fennel seeds instead of carroway seeds (don’t ask) in the sauerkraut, which actually came out tasting pretty great. The kimchi recipe is from Gelina, a bit mild, but good enough.

As you can see, both jars are almost empty, so yes, homemade fermented is excellent food, without much effort.


We overbought ginger last month so I fermented some. It’s pretty much equivalent to fresh in anything simmered. Makes me want to ferment some young ginger (shin shoga) like they use to make the pickled ginger for sushi bars.


Is young ginger still in season? I’m going to make pickles as soon as the Kirbys hit the markets.

Thanks again for the inspiration and information about fermenting, I am very much enjoying this.