What's cookin'?


I don’t know what the season is. They had some at Berkeley Bowl last time I checked.


Kirbys are here! And the is flowering dill at the SMFM on Wednesday. Now just be kind and leave a little bit for a late-riser like me. :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thanks!


My biggest pickling failure was cucumbers.

The fermentation supply shop owner suggested soaking them in ice water and I forget what else but I can buy excellent lacto-fermented cucumbers so probably won’t bother again.


Oh. Well wish me luck then.


Read up and good luck.


Rye toast, duck egg, lettuces dressed with salt, olive oil and tomato juices left from my tomato salad that I ate while waiting for the toast and eggs to finish.


Purple Haze carrots make the best salad.


Cure that.


I was too lazy to go out (pool + margheritas, ya know), so I made green tea soba noodle and dipping sauce.

  1. Rinse cooked soba noodles in lots of cool water to remove starch.

  2. Make kaeshi sauce (mirin, sugar, and shoyu).

  3. Make dashi (hondashi + kombu).

  4. Mix dashi and kaeshi sauce in 2:1 or 4:1 ratio.

  5. Dip noodles in sauce and eat.


A riff on carbonara (M. Hazan’s) I subbed arugula for parsley and added grape tomatoes. Really tasty on another warm’ish night.


What kind of pasta is that?


That video is so very, very bad.




It’s so thin and pretty, I like pasta like that.


It’s Bob’s fave so we always have on hand. And I think it’s the right size for that type of ‘sauce.’ And it WAS a rather pretty dish, wasn’t it? :slight_smile: I have enough left for a little lunch tomorrow while he’s off golfing…in hundred degree heat :frowning:


Panko fried shrimp and grilled vegetables including TJs shishito peppers which we hadn’t seen before.


“Big Night”-style omelette, levain toast, and leftover somtum


I am back - this Grilled Ribs with Cumin - Sichuan Style


What’s on top? These look great. Could you elaborate on your technique? TIA.