What's cookin'?


I hope you’ll continue to post on this thread…and more descriptions. Everything looks super. And, wow, can you ever poach an egg - I suck at it :slight_smile:


Halibut from San Diego, from my sports fisherman friend.

I gave it a sous vide bath with tarragon and butter, and when I poured it out of the bag, it fell apart as I tried to get it into the pan. It didn’t matter, is was wonderful.

Ugly pictures of my amazing fish:


This could/should be a thread of its own. I don’t understand why one SVs things that cook so quickly anyway. And are inherently tender. ???


I wonder if it’s time to start a new thread here. Or I just don’t know how to scroll back 703 posts. Maybe I’m just not doing it right. Takes forever .


Why do you want to “scroll back”? Not being snotty. For me, keeping it all here means I can do a restricted search and not wind up with reviews of a dish in LA :slight_smile: Tell me why/when this is a problem for you, my friend.


Inherently tender and quick-cooking food can come out tough and overcooked if not cooked properly. Plus, I had a lot of fish of fish to cook.

Obviously, if I was cooking a couple of fillets I would have the time and focus to make them both perfect.


Rice Noodles with Spicy Pork and Herbs

IMneverHO, this was crazy good.


What’s Cookin’ 2017? Go for it. :slight_smile:


What does it accomplish?


What does what accomplish?


What does starting a new thread accomplish. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.


I just don’t know how to do a cat. I want to reply to the original poster. And not post to the last one. I’m not that good at computers or smartphones. Not being snotty. I think I’m just doing it wrong.


So just go to the post you want to reply to and click “reply.” Maybe I’m missing something here.


If you don’t want to reply to a particular post, go to the bottom and click that Reply button.


You mean like this one?


Hanging my head in guilt :frowning: My Anova has been packed away a long, long time after never really having anything that knocked my socks off. I SHALL get it out and report back. Thanks.


Temperature control, consistency, different flavor/outcome, e.g. a tender steak taste very different when cooked SV or conventional (not saying one is better but they are different tools to cook something)


What have you tried it with? I’ve come to find it does some things exceptionally well and others subpar compared to traditional and sometimes even easier methods.


IIRC, it was things like tough cuts of steak. ??? the cut. I’d read glowing comments - not here - about the tenderness and flavor. We got the tenderness but blah flavor. A friend of mine really likes chicken breasts. I just need to pull it out of that bottom cabinet and get back to work. Thanks to y’all for weighing in.