What's cookin'?


lamb shanks and neck in their own aspic

pulled meat with onions and carrots cooked in the broth, chickpeas, and brown Basmati rice


If I’d gotten an earlier start, I’d have strained out the broth after cooking the vegetables, then cooked lentils in it.


Ume hijiki from Japan with furikake and teri-glaze lite SPAM musubi. Had this some some cold beer.


I’m likely going to be making Spam musubi in the next few days. Did you make yours? Couldn’t decide from your description.


Yes, I did.

I also used a koshikari short grain brown rice that I find quite soft compared to other brands. It is a domestic product with really nice texture. A bit pricey but well worth the cost considering the rice is about 70% of the recipe.


Thanks. I’ll have to find and try that rice.


empanadas de picadillo cubano



Bagel with whitefish salad is traditionally served with pickles, right?


Spent all afternoon cooking ratatouille, kale with bacon and diced leftover grilled ribs, and braised lamb with carrots, lentils, and ras el hanout, plus prepping beet greens and mizuna to cook some other day. Despite having a nice dinner on the stove, I’d really rather go out.


finally got a chance to do stuffed veg the way i wanted to… it’s something from where I come from (Transcaucases)




Is the meat lamb or a mix or what?

Are those almonds?


beef/lamb… lots of layers in sauteing but then bunch of dried cherries, dried apricots, almonds toward the end. the insides of tomato/eggplant/zucchini go in the mix as well to lighten it up… and onion… so much golden onion

Thank god for Marconda. first 2 markets i went to had no ground lamb… i really need a meat grinder ffs


You should be able to find ground lamb at any halal butcher.



there are plenty of places of course…our armenian shops have it… i could just go across the street to marconda for easiest … but if i’m already at a persian jewish market that’s supposed to have it and at ralphs that’s supposed to have it i get pissed… the marconda one was incredible though…what a fresh mild scent


mmmmmm hibachi at home


Those photo links aren’t showing up properly.


DIY caprese; beet greens, bok choy, and lentils; barley in pesto; ratatouille


all looks fantastic! i’m addicted to farro and to lentils… and to ratatouille though i’ve never tried to make it


The way I make ratatouille, it’s very easy, just a lot of prep.

  • chop onions
  • saute in olive oil over medium heat
  • dice eggplant, while dicing stir the onions occasionally and turn off the heat if they’re translucent (I prefer not to brown them)
  • add the eggplant
  • prep the zucchini, stir the pot occasionally
  • whenever the eggplant looks cooked add the tomato, when it simmers turn the heat down to very low and cover the pot, keep it covered, stirring occasionally, until done
  • add the zucchini
  • prep and add the peppers
  • mince and add the garlic
  • add a sprig or two of basil if you have some and like it
  • when the vegetables have thrown off most of their liquid, correct the salt
  • remove from heat when all vegetables are done to your liking
  • serve immediately or let cool to room temperature or serve at any point in between