What's cookin'?


That looks so, SO good! Let me know when a place in your nabe comes on the market :slight_smile:


When I have a lot of vegetable prep, I set my self up up on the coffe table with a cutting board, knife, peeler, tray of clean vegetables or fruit, empty tray or bowl for prepped veg, and a small compost pail on the floor next to me. Then I set the tv to whatever cooking/food show I am currently enamored with. It’s a relaxing break in my day.

@Nemroz Do you use any spices in the stuffing for your stuffed vegetables?


not much on the spicy side… there was lot of kids coming…

traditionally this is a super simple stuffing with fatty beef or lamb slowly cooked down with a lot of onion turmeric and some dill added… i cant do that though i have to fuck around so i sauteed onions, then garlic, then tomato paste, then rendered the meats, then kept making hot spots and sauteed in some of the eggplant, tomato, zucchini insides, then dropped a bunch of sumak, some turmeric, cumin… the lamb / beef mix was right on… gave it loads of depth… i think i added a dash of sherry vinegar also


Sumac, turmeric, and cumin are spices to me. :slight_smile:

Do you ever use cinnamon? I’ve found it common in Persian and Turkish food, but not often used in savory dishes elsewhere.


i do usually do that yes… and star anise.


The combination of cinnamon and saffron says “Persian” to my nose.


trying to learn how to cassoulet… it’s really tough if you dont want to include as much duck fat and gelatious stock as it calls for. still good though… should have tossed a rosemary sprig


What’s tough? Which recipe are you using?

J. Kenji says gelatin is essential for making the traditional crust:.

Personally I don’t bother. I use pretty much any mix of sausages and cured and fresh meats with whatever stock and beans I have on hand.


well yea obviously i went off Kenji’s… just didn’t load up on the gelatinous stock and as much fats… duck leg wasn’t confit as it should be but a fresh one… came out good… fresh chicken sausage,2 chicken thighs pork sausage, peppery bacon, duck leg… cannelini beans that the very nice owner of Bell St Farms gave me…

i’ll feed it to a Parisian girl today


I named this the “Ultimate Melange.” It must have at least 15 ingredients, most of them leftovers. Chicken, pork, egg noodles, TJs Harvest Grains, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, tomatoes and on and on and one. Finished with a cheese sauce and baked for about 30 minutes. Tasty and half is left for another meal. And the fridge is emptier.


1 can tuna
4.5 oz. kimchi, chopped
1/2 cup chickpeas
1 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 tsp. pepper flakes




The leeks look fabulous.


I haven’t seen decent leeks around here for years, since the one farmer who knew how to blanch them got sick and his relatives who took over the farm didn’t know how to do it.


Scored this at Boccalone’s going-out-of-business pop-up. Should make a few batches of œufs brouillés aux truffes and strozzapreti al tartufo nero.


Crab ready to be steamed. Some nice live crab from H&H Santa Cruz harbor.


Our SF kids had a huge crab feed the day after Thanksgiving. 50# with a gazillion friends. Had only about one crab’s worth left. We’re in Seattle and will definitely be cooking. Do you have a technique that you prefer?


I steam them for 17 to 20 min. Depending on size. Maybe 2 at a time . Salt the water

. Remove and put in ice to cool. Lots of ice. Do not add water to the ice , this will make them watery. Chill for 30 min. Clean , crack , and eat. Or Toss in melted butter, garlic, black pepper, and parsley to warm up.


There’s no need to salt the water if you’re steaming them.

I’ve always served them warm.