What's cookin'?


I have done two test runs: one in the microwave and one in the oven. The one pictured is the microwave batch. The oven batch had a far superior crunch, but as @OCSteve astutely mentions, they were more prone to leakage, which also made the window of time between Hell Fire Hot and Cold Man River impossibly short. That said, I would still recommend the oven, if you have the patience.

These are even better:


Totally agree. Perfect toaster oven fodder. Nothing like pizza rolls or Stouffer’s French bread pizzas to stir up some nostalgia. I’ll still grab those once in awhile if I know I’ll be dining at home alone. I’ll have to try the Annie’s.


Two words: Air Fryer

6-7 minutes in the air fryer = hot crispy pizza rolls without the ooze. I don’t buy them very often, but I do pick them up when my kids plan to have friends over.


When you said you made them, I thought you meant you meant from scratch.


The depth and breadth of the expert advice on FTC never ceases to amaze me.


Oozy foods work great in the air fryer – pizza rolls, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, etc. Basically all the foods you love but shouldn’t eat.


I thought the same. Logical assumption on this site.


You could also break the rules and deep fry them.


Good idea. But it doesn’t need to be “deep.” I do a fair number of things with maybe a half inch of oil.


I prefer the shallow fry. With deep fry I just never
Know what to do with all that leftover oil. I guess I meant shallow fry.


they’re groooowing


ok wtf do people use frozen broccoli for? I assume not roasting because they end up terrible.


That would be a good albeit short thread. What frozen vegetables do you buy and what do you use them for? I’m really not a fan of broccoli so I wouldn’t use frozen.


I bought a giant bag of frozen brocolli at Costco for the first time and now I have no idea wtf to do with it.


Maybe some kind of casserole with LOTS of cheese?


cream of broccoli soup?


Maybe stew it using Marcella Hazan’s recipe with red wine and olives?


Pulled pork with savoy cabbage and new potato purée with black summer truffles and green garlic—very successful though not the most photogenic, especially since I didn’t think to take a photo until I’d eaten half of it.


I use frozen broccoli when I prep boxed mac n’ cheese :laughing: Also as a side, steamed, for simple fish and grain dinners.


Quick saute with lots of garlic and some fresh cracked black pepper.
Meanwhile, cook a pound of pasta and drain.
Also grate a bunch of cheese (I like Swiss, but I think the original recipe used cheddar and something creamy/melty).
Layer noodles/broccoli with garlic/cheese and repeat a couple of times in deep casserole dish, finishing with cheese layer.
Pour some milk over, cover with foil, bake until melted and bubbly, remove foil and bake a bit longer until cheese browns (can also run under the broiler if using broiler-safe pan*). Let set up for a few minutes then serve as a side dish.

*This is important: if the pan is not broiler-safe, don’t do it. Really. Learn from my mistakes!