What's cookin'?


Made a sort of hawayej-spiced beet borscht to go with Langer’s pastrami. Firebrand’s German rye is kind of a weird shape, but the flavor is good.


Nice. How do you heat up the pastrami?


Took it out of their packaging, resealed it in a FoodSaver bag, put it in a bowl, covered it with boiling water, let it sit for ten minutes. Might have worked fine with their packaging but I wanted the FoodSaver bag for the leftovers anyway.


I’ve reheated meat that way in a motel room. Poured water through the coffee maker and then did what you did. Poor man’s sous vide :slight_smile:


first of the season


Beautiful asparagus topped with chopped egg. Looks fantastic


Usually the first of the season I’d eat with just butter or Meyer lemon and olive oil, but we had hard-boiled eggs and aioli.


When we lived in Oregon we could buy the local stuff at our Saturday farmers’ market or right from their barn and just leave the money. When our season was over we stopped eating it. Spoiled us.


I get virtually all my vegetables from the CSA box or farmers market.


Spam musubi.

Besides how good it tastes, something I also love is that I always have the ingredients on hand: nori, rice, Spam and furikake.


For cookouts my uncle buys those frozen medley packages (veggies, potatoes, flavor packet), dumps the contents into heavy aluminum foil, seals foil, puts on BBQ grill next to meats, opens foil at the end for crispiness. Smokey, savory goodness.


I’m sure you’ve used or dumped them by now. Cream of Broccoli soup would work.


I should have continued scrolling.


The artichokes look delicious.



Thanks for the reminder. Now that I have a kitchen again I’m gonna get on that.


I have a kitchen again!

Yes, some of the original charm is gone. But my neighbor Jim and @J_L told me to quit complaining and add some new charm. So…

There will be no Shiki visits for a while. But lots of cooking!


Inspired by the kids’ Breakfast in Paris

Eggs, White Cheese, Leftover Porchetta, Herbs & Baguette Ends, Drizzle of EVOO

I can’t handle a full meal or sandwich most times. I like my food on a Crostini.

One concern about the new oven. I tried to burn out the excess insulation (fire retardant?) for hours. But the broiler still has a chemical smell. I hope I haven’t poisoned my family.


I think it’s wonderful! Nice work.


Marcella Hazan’s carbonara…with…some capers, grape tomatoes and one of those ‘cubes’ of basil from TJs.


Awww… Thanks!