What's cookin'?


Made some fried chicken thighs with the cream gravy from this recipe:

It was pretty delicious. I made a lot of gravy so I’ll use the leftover on biscuits from Popeye’s. :laughing:


that gravy looks amazing.


cucina del frigo: Kiolbassa smoked beef sausage fry-up with goose-fat fried potatoes


The Bayless pork tinga recipe that @catholiver posted a while back is pretty dang solid. Very homey.


Bunk picture alert:


I was just thinking about that ‘dish.’


“Lean pork shoulder”?


Interesting; never noticed that. How is a pork shoulder “lean”? But this is a solid recipe.


You could dissect a chunk of shoulder to separate the fat from meat, but it still wouldn’t be lean.


Yeah, I didn’t know what that meant either, so I just got a regular pork shoulder.


Last night’s dinner was one day late for my (71st!!!) birthday celebration. Foie gras, prime tenderloin, grilled peach, avocado, toasted brioche, and sauteed mushrooms.

With the leftover foie ‘jus’ I fried eggs. So very very good.


Very nice!

That’s my girl.


Happy Birthday!


I celebrate for weeks but this was the main event :slight_smile:


my b-day was on Sat (9th)—my folks were in town for my nephew’s h.s. graduation so we got together @ my sister’s on Sat. to hang and chill by their pool. I was CRAVING a cheeseburger and corn on the cob—so that what she made in addition to shrimp skewers, veggie skewers, salmon, pilaf, salad and lots of vino. it was a nice afternoon and the family was mostly on good behavior :laughing:

happy b-day!


I do that as well—my celebration usually lasts a couple of months by the time I get together with all my friends n family.


Wow, what a feast! Lucky you and happy b’day too! Ditto re the 9th.


When needed, it can also be a “birthday year.” Last year - the big SEVEN-OH-NO - for sure.


yeah—my 50th was like that. :+1:


They only get better!!!


meanwhile I made a nice salad for dinner

farmers market red kale, romaine lettuce, white yams, avocado, trader joe’s quinoa w/a dressing of cider vinegar, oil, honey, salt & pepper. bourdain would have hated it.