Be Happy Ice Cream

I ordered those too and the Stracciatella. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was going to order that too but we are not even supposed to have ice cream in the house. lol. the vanilla was a bribe (for the wife) so i can have some strawberry ice cream.


I ordered those and the caramel. I wasn’t actually going to order any as we still have some left from the previous order but now hubs is addicted… I’m going to need and ice cream drawer now… :woman_facepalming:t4:


Ahaa… everybody has their reasoning… some weirder than others. I ordered the Vanilla because I have some of that wild Tamagawa “Time Machine” Amber Sake and they suggest pouring it on top of vanilla ice cream. :relaxed:


Oh crappe… maybe then I should try the chili crisp thing when I get our vanilla…


Shoot! I missed it.

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I’ll do that too. :smile:

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Darn near close…


Finally tried this for the first time today. Can’t wait to try some more interesting flavors in the future when available but I got the vanilla and chocolate stracciatella from this batch. Great mouthfeel (I was worried that it wouldn’t be as dense and creamy as I like my ice cream). I like it better than Antico from the last 6 months or so of what seems to be a decline, but it definitely doesn’t compare to Antico’s when dining in. The stracciatella has a nice little tang. The vanilla could use a lot more vanilla. The best vanilla ice cream I’ve had is still from Choctal (sadly haven’t been able to locate in years). Maybe one day he’ll go through the hassle of using vanilla bean pods?

In any case, I absolutely adore how some of these food dealers include delivery, and I love that he does the deliveries himself. He seems like the sweetest person. New fan of Be Happy, and love the ice creamship and fandom overall on this board. :slight_smile:


hi @TheCookie

I tried the gaviotas this weekend, mine were juicy but could be a bit sweeter, thanks.


My exact impression.

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Same here. But that won’t stop me from buying more tomorrow.