Best Pizza by the Slice?


Enjoyed ourselves today picking up from the Wagon. Good stuff

But their cookery and heating technique really bothered me. Maybe because I watched it intimately at a pizza shop as a teenager I’d notice these things. Or maybe it’s because I like hot pizza lol.

My whole pizza luckily was fresh out the oven, so no problem. It was underdone on top by a couple color gradients because he was using 1 oven to bake pizza reheat slices so kept cooling the oven off every time the door opened. Fine. Not the biggest deal.

But I also picked up that other slice there and they reheated it and it was nowhere near hot on top. Again top heat issues. Ricotta was warm. It was also underbaked as all of their slices looked because they’re accounting for the reheat but then they’re not rehearing it’s enough. The way I’m used to seeing pies for slices is much closer to fully done and maybe it’ll risk overdone on reheat but that’s a noob error. So slice was shitty.

Then this other dude comes to pick up 2 pizzas 2 go, preordered, dude goes once he hears the order, retrieves 2 par-baked pies and throws them on the damn damn no top heat having oven and the guy pays something like 45$ for flour water tomato and cheese with questionable bake.

Maybe I’m too anal about this. Or maybe it’s not that hard to do it the right way. What’s the rush? I’d rather wait 5 more minutes than them try to be ready too early. It was dead anyway. What happens to pizza when it comes out, cools off, then rebakes is very different than pizza straight out of the oven. Cheese doesn’t even like to melt twice

Sorry. I’m annoying about pizza. Still good tho. Lol


So you just bought some pizza flour and we know you are a brilliant cook. I haven’t bought pizza in years because mine is so much better. Its not that hard. Before I bought a roccbox I did it in the oven. Why settle for less than the best?
Edited to add notes:

  1. Classic Margarita - stayed on a bit too long
  2. Neapolitan with lardo and basil - looks burned but perfect
  3. Detroit with pepperoni
  4. Detroit crust edge showing frico
  5. NY pepperoni

Brilliantly done!

I was picking up for mama in the valley though. Had to be takeout

How are you getting your oven this hot ?

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I now use a roccbox, Best present my wife ever bought me (honestly I told her to buy it for me). In your oven you need to buy a pizza steel and put it on a tray on the top level. Preheat it on highest heat for at least 45 minutes. Switch to broil on high for three minutes, switch back to highest heat slide pizza in. Depending on the type you are making cooking switch back to broil for the last few minutes. Highly recommend Ken Forkish’s book “Elements of Pizza”.
BTW my spring crop of sorrel is going crazy. So sweet (for sorrel)! Wish I could give you some.


Yes I’ve done that with my stone. Thanks for encouragement. Eventually I’ll have an outdoor oven

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Sorry. Should have assumed you knew this.

That’s georg!


Been eyeing the Roccbox or the Ooni for at least a year. I haven’t been able to get myself to pull the trigger but your pics might be the straw that broke the camels back. My wife has been stepping up her dough game and we have a good pizza dough. The pizza comes out mediocre because we’re using our not hot enough oven.


Here is Kenji’s comparison of the two, He comes down slightly on the side of the Ooni. I have been more than satisfied with the Roccbox.

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