Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

Never heard of it, and I drive by there all the time. Yelp reviews are all over place.

Appears that it might be in The Colony. Might wait for some FTC reviews bc that place seems to have a substantial crowd (and no one in the crowd I saw yesterday was wearing a mask), and I’m a bit too cheap to deliver from a place so close by…

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Seems to be at the same street number as the Z Pasta Bar that’s visible from the street, on the north side of SM Blvd.

Is that the Colony? Honestly, never heard of this place.

EDIT: ok, it is the Colony. Interesting place. So it’s a dining hall.

Posted in May 2020 thread but had to repost bc the pepperoni pie at Superfine was delicious. I have to make it to Pizza Wagon one day


Thanks for the reminder @js76wisco. :slight_smile: Love their Pepperoni Pizza!

Il Romanista update:

Luigi’s opening Thursday’s now too.


To everyone who has ordered, and the many of you that have ordered multiple times!!!, over these last 3 weeks, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT :heart::yellow_heart:When I decided to reopen, I could not have imagined the love and kindness you all have shown me. I could not imagine being so busy that this past Saturday I had to stop taking orders at 6:15 because I already had all the orders I could handle through the end of the night. To (hopefully!) get everyone their pizza fix, starting this week I will also be open on Thursdays from 4-8pm. New menu for the weekend will be up tomorrow (Wednesday) night :partying_face::call_me_hand:

Link to his website


That’s so great to hear! :blush: Il Romanista is a gem and I’m glad they are getting some business, hopefully they pull through!


So happy Il Romanista is doing ok, and glad they are open on Saturday. I had a hard time stopping by previously, although when I did it was magical.

Also wanted to share a long weekend delivery from Stella Barra. We reheated it at home and the results were fantastic. Nothing like the sound of bubbling cheese and a crackling crust.


I can attest, I was a lucky soul that was able to snag a whole pie on Saturday. The worker who answered the phone had to ask if Luigi could make “one more” and she took our order. So grateful because this is by far my favorite Roman style pizza in LA. So glad they are busy, now if only we can get him to stay open on Saturdays!

And the pizza, it was fuckin awesome as usual. The yukon gold and sausage pizza was the fuckin bees knees!

Hashbrown pizza, crunchy top and buttery smooth potato’s and the sausage and rosemary just made a perfect flavor. And that crust.



Nice! So glad you got the last pizza! :slight_smile: I love the potato & sausage as well! The crust, the flavors, all of it coming together for a perfect bite.


I also appreciate the execution of this pie. The quality sausage for it to brown like it does. The creamy potato, how does he do it and yet it is not at all greasy?


Double carb! I’ll almost always get that one plus what ever else strikes my fancy when I’m in for a slice.


The couple of times I was there he did not have this. I really want to try it because a zillion years ago when I was in Rome, potato pizza was a revelation.

I think the Palatino (mushroom) is actually my favorite at Il Romanista

He just posted his updated menu for the week.

Il Romanista Menu for May 28-30, 2020


As soon as some of the breweries in the area open up I’m getting an Amertriciana and Calabrese pie. These slices reheat very well at home too.


Wifey wanted Grimaldis. Too bad Il Romanista doesn’t open until 4.

Pies were good today.

Pepperoni mushroom



HI @Gr8pimpin,

Glad they were good today. Bummed that you couldn’t get Il Romanista as well! You should’ve stalled her… run some more errands for an hour or two until they open! :wink:

@Chowseeker1999 I wish we were running errands. Nope. She wanted Grimaldi’s and it was mid day.

I wish Luigi would use this as proof he should open on weekends, going forward. He’s got a brisk weekend business.

As for Grimaldis:

It was like how it used to be. On my last 3 or 4 visits, the pies were tasteless and the crusts were really cracker-like.

I like my pies sauced on the light side. These were perfect. Crust crisp, but chewy. Had good flavor.

Good balance sauce to cheese.

Still, I live near pizza wagon so Il Romanista would’ve been a real treat.


Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Really glad to hear Grimaldi’s was much better this time. Like you, the last 2 times we went were just not that good, so we stopped going.

Take advantage of the light traffic and try and get to Il Romanista (and Langer’s and Superfine) one of these days! :wink:

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How do you pick up from Grimaldi’s? The last time I was there it’s like a maze to get to their restaurant

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Wifey used online ordering and it gave a pickup time.

In the front of the building where Grimaldi’s and the bank are situated, there’s a little driveway, normally where the valets are located, there were short term (5 minute) parking spaces for Grimaldi’s takeout or for the bank.

Huh? Those days appear to have come and gone. :disappointed:


Thanks for the info!

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