Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

The trucking companies have been crying wolf about the “driver shortage” for years. You can find stories about it in any major business news publication. The NPR story was free, recent, and a good summary.

I know you’re determined to argue this to the death, :grinning:.

I don’t care and I don’t think anybody cares on the history of an industry crying wolf. These articles are years old. The bottom line is today there is a wolf.

Respectfully, you can’t brush off my post from the local CBS affiliate above …

because it states a government agency, a farming bureau, and then in the same breath post an article that’s premise is a citation from a government agency.

You’ve just heard from three of us who have experience in trucking and shipping. That is part of my current business and a new business that depends on trucking. So I’m going to tell you that I am some authority on thIs.

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Yeah but I can use Boolean search terms in google so your experience really doesn’t mean anything here



I posted links to stories from 2016, 2017, and 2019 to show that the “driver shortage” caused by the trucking industry’s self-destructive labor policies is a chronic problem dating back years, not something caused by the pandemic.

Yes, I’ll brush off your local TV news story as it quotes only industry and industry-affiliated government agency sources. Not questioning the claims that regulations are the problem or that allowing drivers under 21 would improve things is shoddy reporting. Note that there’s no byline on that piece. It might well have been written by someone in a trucking company PR department.

Obviously there are supply-chain issues directly related to the pandemic.

OMG, pepperoni & sausage!!! Gr8pimpin, you’re in “beast mode!” was it thin crust as at the beginning?

Apollonia is very flavorful…expensive but my last visit 4-5 months ago was excellent…had a couple pepperoni slices at Prince St a while back…very good for reheats…id like to try a fresh pie one of these days!
As for Prime/Santa Monica Blvd…very good crust on the Grandma but sorry, I don’t see how pesto works on top of red sauce…seems absurd to me…very little choice for slices the 2 times I was there


exactly…companies in every industry always whining about govt regulations…let 'em whine, I say fuck off and pay your labor and obey public safety regs!


Yes it was. This was a damn perfect pie.

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Jesus, great news, Gr8pimpin…a damn perfect pie…music to my ears!

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Sidepie in Altadena last weekend, in their new space at the top of Altadena, which is just a pickup window across Lake from Bulgarini for now, but from their IG it looks like they’re getting some sort of patio set up.

Tomato sauce was really outstanding, super bright the way I prefer it. Crust was charred up nicely, but still thin and mild and a little droopy, I’d call it more classic Neapolitan than some of the puffy sourdough that we get around here. Toppings are good quality, and we liked the extra char - the crust was definitely not burned, even though there were some serious leopard spots. The Altadena was the winner by general consensus, but the Marg was good too.

The Altadena (pep, basil, ricotta, garlic)

Marg up close


Hail Mary Pizza


Went to gra a couple weeks back. Very good but not in my upper echelon of pizza places. However, the salad, pizza, and natural wine menu along with the beautiful patio is great for a casual evening dinner. Highlight pizza was the banger, mushroom close second. Clam pizza was quite sad very few clams and drowned out by a cream sauce. One gripe was the whites were covered in kind of a creamy base that I felt detracted from the toppings. Salads were both refreshing.


Little coyote lbc. Great pizza on a more traditional crust with good chew kind of like a prime Pizza but I prefer this pie over prime, it was a lighter crust with better chew . The spinach pizza was the highlight.

The Italian sando was solid but was not better than my favs such as bay cities or uncle Paulies.


Lunch @ Jon & Vinny’s since I had a case of wine to pick up and they could seat me immediately (around 4:00). Excellent NY-ish mushroom. Beet salad was also excellent. Half the pizza leftover.


Back with a whole pies. I hope they start slices again soon.


I hope the quality improves, too.


Rumor is that Chef Samson is back to making the pies himself…


That’s big news. If anybody is able to post a report that would be appreciated. When Superfine was humming it was as good as any pizza in the city. Right up there with Pizza Wagon and Little Coyote.

I’ll try and go within the week, for research purposes.

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Thanks for your sacrifice. There are only 6 pies available - 2 being a plain cheese and pepperoni so hopefully paring down the menu will help with consistency.