Do you mind getting dressed for dinner?

Believe it or not, dress codes are making a comeback in dining rooms across the country. Mostly upscale spots, of course. An article in today’s New York Times Food section titled: ‘No Jacket. No Service’, the author points to a Manhattan restaurant called Les Trois Chevaux that requires proper dress. They even offer Yves Saint Laurent jackets for men if needed. Sounds like a blast from the past, does it not? Dress codes have been relaxed over time even in the best of places.
Years ago, dining out was considered a special occasion. Today, not so sure. Personally, I do not mind getting a bit dressed up depending on the situation. How do you feel about this?

I just read an article in the Seattle paper that talked about dress ‘codes’ have always been pretty non-existent and now even more so. We dress up a bit. Bob into Docker-esque pants.

As touched on in the article, I think it’s fine for restaurants to suggest that customers dress up, but not to tell them how to do that, decide who’s a “gentleman,” or require gender-performance costumes. You want that, start a private club.

Personally I find those notional “jackets” uncomfortable and weird so wouldn’t go anywhere that required them.

Our wallpaper is from Gucci.

The arbiters of good taste, right. The menu’s of a piece with the dress code. Has anyone heard of Angie Mar before?

yeah, i do mind. i’m comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans. why should i be forced to dress uncomfortably?

Define dressing up - We go in restaurants similar or a bit better than how we would go to work. No jeans, t-shirt or sneakers but also no tie etc.

You’re not forced to; you can go elsewhere; no problem. How do you feel about dressing for weddings and funerals? Or going to your grandmother’s house for Easter dinner? Etc. Oh, and how old are you :slight_smile:


Of course. She’s been around for ages.

I like it being a choice for me, not the restaurant. None of their business, plus most people if forced would probably wear poorly-tailored clothes that defeat the purpose of looking elegant anyway.

If restaurants want to limit their clientele by imposing dress codes, that’s fine with me.


If by ages you mean ten years.

Hey we’re in LA I wear my dress jeans and sneakers to restaurants :joy:

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Ten years ago was Beatrice Inn, but prior to that, Marlow & Sons, Spotted Pig, etc. People in New York absolutely know who she is.

San Francisco and Boston tend to be more formal than LA

I know zilch about Boston, but San Francisco restaurants all got rid of their dress codes years ago. Some places say vague things such as “business casual encouraged,” but rich techies in jeans and hoodies go everywhere. Things might have changed recently, but the last time I checked the French Laundry was the only place that required “jackets” for “gentlemen.”

Actually seven. I guess I missed her James Beard nomination.

Okay, fine, quibble about the number. The point is, yes, people know who she is. Just not you, until very recently.

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There are still many different levels of “dressiness” between official dress code and nothing at all. And even though there might be hardly any restaurant in SF with an official dress code in our experience people tend to be better dressed in restaurants in the Bay area than LA

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Some restaurants in LA tend to have a high percentage of people who are dressed up. Depends on the neighborhood, the crowd, and whether people are going there to eat or to see and be seen.

You might come across well-dressed people anywhere in SF. Part of the fun at Zuni used to be that there would be a group of people in black tie at one table and punks in torn T-shirts and leathers at the next. At Fringale one time there were three bikers in full regalia at the next table with a saddlebag full of old first- and second-growth Bordeaux.

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no dress code


Do you have a Dress Code?

There is no dress code, please dress comfortably.

Acquerello in SF has something that’s as close to a dress code as I’ve seen recently:

Dining at Acquerello is an elegant experience. Many of our guests are celebrating special occasions. Jackets are suggested for gentleman. Please avoid athletic wear, t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, ripped denim/denim with holes, shorts, sneakers or flip-flops.

This is from 2019, TFL still required jackets for “gentlemen”:

And this is from their current website:

Do you have a Dress Code?

There is no dress code, please dress comfortably.