Do you mind getting dressed for dinner?

Yes, unchanged from an hour ago.

LOL. Yes, but changed from three years ago, the link you shared…

The first link I shared is to the current French Laundry FAQ.

Despite the heatwave across the U.S., this chef in Fort Worth, Texas will require jackets, no cell phones. Think he will get away with it? Jacket Required: Inside Tim Love’s Latest Italian Joint, Caterina’s - Fort Worth Magazine

I view it the same way as I view a Halloween party. Not my thing but if people still enjoy dressing up in costumes after puberty then have fun.

For the most part, people can get away with anything they want within reason.

If that’s the house rule, then that’s the house rule. Folks make a personal choice if they choose to dine there.


The problem is, if there is a problem, that rules don’t translate equally or literally. You can wear jeans and sneakers to many formalish restaurants. Good jeans and clean sneakers are not the same as scruffy over-the-hill jeans and week-old T or sweatshirt. If that’s too much to ask, just call for delivery.

If there were a market for restaurants with dress codes, why would they all have dropped them?

I don’t really give a shit what other people wear to a restaurant but I love getting dressed up to go to a nice dinner with my wife.


In general it shouldn’t matter what others wear but if you go to a better restaurant it is mainly about food but not only as ambience etc. also play a role. And in our experience often those who stand out how they are dressed, e.g. shorts, flip flops etc. tend to often be the most obnoxious guest, e.g. really loud, shouting, when they have kids with them, they let them run through the restaurant etc. (that doesn’t mean there are no examples of “well dressed” people who have no clue how to behave in restaurants but, at least for us in our experience, there is s significantly higher likelihood that how one dresses correlates with how they behave in a restaurant.


I can’t remember the last time I noticed another diner behaving badly.

Dressed-up women do sometimes wear so much perfume that I’ve had to move to another table.

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Whoooboy! I’ve had more meals ruined by a droning motormouth seated 2-3 feet from me than I have from bad food or service. The timbre of some voices both carries and is abrasive. On another food forum, a Frenchman made a very astute comment: “The French like to enjoy their own dinner, not yours.”

At the end of one meal which was destroyed for me by the unbelievably boring woman sitting next to us who never shut up for an hour and a half, I noticed that she and her companion were having some kind of upset or confusion. I quietly explained it to her and she reared back and blurted, “Oh my god, you’re American. We thought you were French.” I cracked at this point and responded, “No, we just keep our voices down.”

Then you seem to have much more luck than us - even in the very few restaurant visits we had in the one year we are now living in the Bay Area there were quite a few “incidents” (and I wouldn’t call us very sensitive to “unusual” behavior)

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Maybe luck. Maybe it helps that we eat late. And many of the places we go are too busy to hear conversation at the adjacent tables.