Farmers market, currently in season PSA

We first tried purslane a few months ago (introduced to it via a CSA box) and have been addicted ever since. I now buy it at the SMFMS every time I go. It’s supposed to be amazingly nutritious, and yes, we’ve only eaten it cooked. We usually just stir fry it - you could use salt or soy sauce, though lately I’ve been adding a teaspoon of Red Boat to stir fried greens. (Side note my favorite thing used to be ong choy + fermented tofu but now I just use fish sauce; almost the same amount of umami, and much less of a PITA to clean the pan).

Oh yes, where was I - purslane. The lemony taste stays during cooking, so it tastes like it’s naturally mildly pickled. Also, the tobust texture personally reminds me of cactus. Since I’ve seen nopales in tacos, I thought to add stir fried purslane to a tortilla and it ended up working pretty well.


such a classic :drooling_face:

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Flat Iron Steak + Sautéed Summer Squash, Purslane, Shrooms, Chickpeas, Shallot, Garlic + Harry’s Berries Cherry Tomatoes, Sautéed in Oil, Fish Sauce, Sugar

Sautéed vegetables were lemony from the purslane & seasoned w/black pepper, liquid aminos & sherry vinegar. I marinated steak in leftover PRD ginger-scallion sauce, lemongrass paste, soy sauce & chili oil. So good! :heart:

Leftovers w/Pasta

This was good but I had to remind myself that the slight fishy taste was from the fish sauce in the leftover tomatoes. The pasta got a tad overcooked because someone didn’t come to the table right away. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Purslane in a taco is a great idea @NYCtoLA.