Filet o Hashbrown


Indeed. The next line in the proof:
Fries < Hashbrown.


Tater Tots>>>>


Usually we agree on things but I have to differ with you here, I am not a huge fan of chick-fil-a because their food doesn’t live up to the hype. However their service, cleanliness, and attitude is superlative for a fast food joint. I worked in a homeless shelter in SF for six years. Feeding the homeless means a lot more to me than politics. Most of us Christians are not horrible people - and yes I keep a stack of fives to give out to people at freeway exits. Old habits die hard…and I have probably destroyed my credibility on this site.


I don’t think so. Everyone has different tastes and likes when it comes to food…so long as we respect that fact and each other, there should be no problems.
I like Chick-Fil-A just because I like the food and service at Chick-Fil-A. I’m sure I’m not the only one, and there’s no shame in my game…I’m happy to admit it and I don’t mind if people disagree with me.


I think I need to cook for you - after Easter. Imagine your favorite menu and I will work on it…

Pizza, steak frites, Chinese, whatever. Bring your family!


Pas du tout!

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you got my vote. my thanks.

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I think I just drooled all over my phone screen…and I had dinner and gelato/sorbet recently.


Or this after Pulse Nightclub shooting.


I agree that we each have various moral/ethical codes. As I believe I mentioned, I have a short list but I do have that (mental) list.

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I agree, but I’ll go if others want to. Our family ended it’s boycott when our cousin and her wife informed us that they still go. It’s that damned Polynesian sauce.


Oops, I’d been writing but it went away. Here’s a link that pretty much says what I think/feel/believe/act up:

Also I’ve been advised that giving money isn’t a great idea. Socks, a gift card, food (just gave home man a loaf of home made bread and, boy, was he happy!), etc.


This Chick-fil-A discussion has reminded me of an article I saw by Grace Slick on why she decided to license Jefferson Starship music to Chick-fil-A


This cracks me up . You wont eat chick filet . I have never eaten at one of them . They don’t exist where I live . But you’ll buy gas and travel around using fossil fuels . Oh , their ok .lol


Kinda like Leonardo DiCaprio…hey Leo can I come to your private yacht parties on your private planes with beautiful models. Love you in The Revenant, Gangs, Catch Me, Inception, Wolf, Aviator btw.

Foodie fact: Yuca’s on Hillhurst…Leo gets the steak sandwich, not exactly environment friendly.

JeetKuneBao recommends the cheeseburgers

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Your statement is a bit confusing but are you saying that if someone drives fossil fuel producing cars they are not entitled to boycott chick-fil-a?

I ask because 1) that’s a straw man argument and 2) that’s kind of ridiculous.


The same thing fossil fuel companies are doing is the same as chick filet . And worse . Haha


I’m not trying to troll you here but you’re saying that fossil fuel companies are making discriminatory comments towards lgbtq, vociferously against lgbtq marriage, and donating money to conversion therapy camps?

If you’re arguing that fossil fuel companies are hurting our planet, I totally agree with you but i don’t really understand the relevance of your argument with why one person might find it against their moral code to patronize a chick fil a.


No problem. I understand. End of conversation. Thanks

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I’ve come across many people who use the argument that if they can’t do everything then they don’t have to do everything. Sorry excuse.