Home Cooking 2020

Here is a link to a good beef ribs recipe since it sounds like you have a surfeit of stock already, https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/beef-and-bison-recipes/triple-c-beef-ribs-recipe. Although it is easier with a smoker you can do it with a grill. I have a bunch of prime rib bones in the freezer as well. We have been cleaning out the odds and ends too, as I want to stock up on staples in case the supply chain deteriorates, so I will cook them up soon.

I call things like that “kitchen sink” as in “everything but the kitchen sink.” I hate wasting food and I love dishes that use it. And yours looks and sounds so good. Thanks for sharing.

It’s my last batch of frozen roast bones. I’ll probably hold off on using them for a bit. I am clearing enough space to reorganize my freezer.
While the stock has been simmering all day, I baked another batch of pain au lait, and converted Friday’s brioche experiment into a bread pudding with a chocolate-peanut butter ganache sauce. It made for great surprise gifts for friends.


Bread thread please!


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I will do it this weekend. I want to make another version of baguettes so I can illustrate two methods. Hopefully, @robert, @RedDevil, @Emglow101 and others will weigh in and we can share knowledge.


Chile verde chicken enchiladas and sautéed broccoli for dinner tonight. Thanks to the InstantPot for making the chile verde so easy.
Fat & Flour key lime pie for dessert! So excited.


Yum. I love Chile Verde

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