Home Cooking 2022

Frying capers counts as cooking, right? :grin:

I don’t like bagels so I do bagely things to toast. Made smoked salmon toast with cream cheese, tomato, fried capers, red onions, salt, pepper, olive oil, a bit of lemon juice, & dill.


Yumbo!!! I also find that out of season tomatoes taste WAY better after some seasoning ahead of time.

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Yeah, I always salt them.

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I honestly get annoyed when sites that I actually respect give out recipes for what actually are late summer produce. But I annoy easily :slight_smile:

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Some SoCal farmers markets already have new-crop tomatoes.

Braggart :slight_smile: But I’m anticipating morels and local asparagus.

I live in Berkeley. We’re only up to asparagus, Tokyo turnips, and nasty early-season strawberries.

I remember many years ago visiting a friend in Ventura. Those strawberries just blew my mind. Red all the way through.

Made Colu Henry’s harissa chicken thighs with shallots from NYT Cooking. Really tasty. I also roasted some potatoes with ras el hanout, salt & pepper, and olive oil and that went great with the chicken.


I’m coming to your house for dinner :grin:


I’ll drive!


I rarely bake, but decided to make Russian Suvorov cookies (basically a very simple tea cookie) from my old Russian Foods professor’s cookbook as a Friday night activity


She’s the star baker today


Out of season tomatoes: SUGAR them. Just a sprinkle. Learned from my mother who learned it from hers who was born in the mid’1800s.


Interesting. I’ll definitely be trying that. Thanks.

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correct… more than that any time there’s tomato we springkle sugar anyway… it’s a fruit. back in early 90s when i worked at a pizza shop sugar was always in the mix for pizza sauce

pechenki! molodec.

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I feel like we have the same cooking brain a lot of the time. I make a lot of chicken, especially thighs and lately been thinking of making harissa butter for chicken & potatoes. :yum:


Beautiful baked goods @bruins and Lady @Nemroz!

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Yum! I think you might like this recipe.

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