Home Cooking 2022

Had a ton of leftover fresh ricotta from Gioia, so we decided to make stuffed shells using the ricotta and leftover cheese from this weekend’s pizza kitchen party (smoked mozzarella, aged provolone, parm).

Additional cheat by using RAO’s sauce (currently on sale at Target for $5.99).

1 box of jumbo shells filled this square dish and the giant rectangle Pyrex.


You may have to use your imagination to see this. Fried pork belly, rice, morels and asparagus. With just a smidge of soy sauce and sesame oil. It was really, really good. The pork belly came from Costco and is already in slices.


Gone fishing… at Monsieur Marcel Seafood Market.

Chilean Sea Bass in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Simple delicious. Got a good sear on the skin which held up well in the sauce of olive oil, shallots, garlic, fresh tomato, crushed tomatoes, Matiz Sofrito Cooking Base, Otamot Organic Spicy Sauce, herbs. Nice & fatty juicy inside. Served w/sautéed potatoes & herbs (not pictured).

Spicy Shrimp & Bean Salad

Sautéed wild-caught Mexican shrimp (med-high about 3 mins), flageolet beans, red crisp lettuce, shaved brussel sprouts, clementine, red onion, red bell pepper, marinated calabrian peppers, parsley. Salad dressing - clementine juice, lemon, honey, dijon, olive oil, vegenaise, s&p


The seabass looks spectacular!

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No pics of the finished product, but I usually do fish in parchment + foil on the grill but ran out of propane so made the white salmon in a pan (garlic salt and that’s about it). Much firmer texture than I get from grilling but overall everyone loved it and it was nice to get crispy skin for once.


Especially love the sound of the dressing. Could you provide proportions please?

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I’m kind of an eye-baller but I based the salad on this Rancho Gordo recipe and used what I had available and added about tbls dijon, 2 tbls vegenaise to the dressing (for a little no-dairy creaminess) and upped the lemon juice & honey

Here’s a photo of the leftover dressing.


Thank you soooo much.

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Oh and I added about a tbls dijon mustard and may have upped the honey a bit too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Funny you mention dijon. We were at Costco today and they didn’t have any!!! But lots of capers after I finally broke down and bought a big jar through Amazon!

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I just edited the recipe I posted to you!

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Tomato Beef over rice. Used ground beef instead.

Onions, green onions, ginger, ground beef, tomatoes, salt, soy, oyster sauce, sugar, and KETCHUP


Really out of focus shot of my version. First Chinese dish I leaned to make. My father always served it over fried noodle cakes. My brother requested it for his birthday every year. So good!


I present the best piece of toast ever.


What makes it so great?!?!?! :slight_smile: That looks rather like white bread. ???

Here in Seattle there a wonderful bakery that also provides some of the local restaurants with their bread. We buy a loaf of their sourdough (better than any we’ve gotten in SF in forever), cut in half, freeze one.

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White bread from 85 Degrees. The bread itself is good but not as good as Cream Pan. I’m just saying it’s perfectly toasted.

As soon as we buy a loaf of bread we freeze the whole thing even if we are going to have toast the next day.


Unfortunately where we buy our bread they’re not set up to slice it so we really can’t freeze the whole thing.

It is a beautifully toasted piece of bread :slight_smile:

It’s summertime, and although this year the living is not so easy I have been having a good time…
First my Lettucegrow has been going crazy so I needed to use up some greens; a “Mediterranean Salad” from an old hippie cookbook which is surprisingly good. It’s a salade nicoise with beans instead of potatoes.

Next it’s wild salmon season; Whole Foods wild coho for $22/lb with warm potato salad, corn from the Studio City’s Farmer’s Market, and Trader Joe’s heirloom tomatoes with basil and aged balsamic.

I hate the heat and the drought, but I love summer!


That is perfect piece of toast. How did you do it, and what did you spread it with? Inquiring minds want to know!