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I do something like this with Chard and add it about half way through the bean’s cooking time. Although with collards you probably can cook them at the same time.

I would…

Sautee bacon. You can leave the bacon in or take it out. Depending on how much broken down you want it.

Then add aromatics, onion, garlic, celery, red pepper. Note, all of these will eventually breakdown, but that is okay. Sautee to release aroma and fond.

Then add the beans, water, greens, died herbs like cumin, bay leaf, oregano, chili flakes.

Cook beans and collards for an hour and a half at a simmer. Things should be pretty soft by then and then you add the vinegar, the bacon back, any additional spices which may have dulled which you may like (pepper, cayenne, more chopped garlic, sugar or date syrup if you think it needs it) Serve with crusty bread or long grain rice.


I’d typically cook the beans however, add steamed, chopped greens at the end, and simmer them low long enough for the flavors to meld.

Often I steam the greens ahead so they take up less space in the fridge and keep longer, in which case I’d add their liquid to the beans early on.

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I ended up putting in the beans and greens together with about 50% of the spices I would normally use but the same amount of aromatics. Somewhere in the back of my head I heard “you can always add more salt but you can’t take it out”. Was that Emeril who used to say that?

Ended up adding more sugar and vinegar for my taste. It tastes great. I wish I would have gotten a smoked ham hock or something more substantial than bacon. Maybe eating a hearty dish like this is better in December/January is better than August 90 degree weather.


I’m behind in my bean reporting but not my bean cooking or eating. :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s something I did recently.

Borlotto di Veneto Beans (Italian cranberry beans)

I cooked the beans my normal way w/aromatics, water, olive oil, maybe some chicken stock then sautéed them before adding to the other ingredients…

Sautéed Swiss Chard, Turnips, Turnip Greens, Red Onions, Garlic, Preserved Lemons, added White Balsamic, S&P, Red Pepper Flakes.

We’re trying to cut back on a lot of potatoes and starchy stuff - beans & turnips are a healthier, hearty alternative. I’m loving chard because it doesn’t have to be deveined. Nothing porky this time because we’re trying to cut back on that at home too, but bacon would be divine.


Umm yes you sure are. Haha. That looks good. I like the use of the onions. We used the whipple bean for first time. My ratio was more like 3:1 greens.


Haha I better get on it!

I like mixing it up too with adding greens to a big pot of beans. I think I have some Whipples in my box… must use soon.

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yes… give them a try! rewarding to do… would not recommend freezing.

garden is so rich with zucchinis i started cooking them down grated, dried as much as i can with tons of aromatics and it’s a great side or topping or filling. gotta try a pie in the next couple of days with that and cheese.

i’m loving how busy this thread is! we’re all becoming better cooks


do you happen to have a go to recipe for the gnocchi? I see about a billion variations online…

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no i wasn’t aware there are many ways… i just like the classic potato, egg yolk, flour
you just cook potatoes, peel while hot… put them through ricer… work it in with a bit of salt and flour while hot… more flour than i put in but less than it’ll make it gummy… hard to say how much for me. If you let it cool or overwork they lose lightness. then just roll into tubes, cut and make indentations on a fork or cheese grater.

i’m sure Lydia did it right


It really is. I’m enjoying zucchini way more now than in the past and all these ideas are great. Loving the photos of your garden btw.

I use Lydia’s recipe with excellent results. It make too much for the two of us, but gnocchi freeze well.

Are you doing anything with the blossoms? I like the blossoms better than the fruit.

I’m not growing enough to have tons of blossoms.

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Been a while. Time to bust out the peel.

One thin crust Chicago tavern-style. Cheese. It’s not exactly round, but it’ll do.

Nicely done undercarriage. done in home electric oven @550F with 4 unglazed 8x8 tiles on the bottom, preheated for an hour.

Semolina on the peel and a confident shake-and-pull is key for a successful launch.


After looking at this recipe for years, I was given a giant zucchini and finally decided to try it. (One of the shred, salt, squeeze, cook recipes I’d been considering). It was fantastic. But then, I love most of what Jim Lahey does…


While I am not a fan of LA summer weather I love the tomatoes it produces. At least once a summer I make an uncooked tomato sauce with fresh pasta, and as ebeth was leaving it was tonight. So good!


Semolina can get a nasty flavor when it’s scorched, so I recommend cornmeal.

thanks! need every idea… bats keep growing

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Hi @Dommy -

Do you add a binder like egg & breadcrumbs? Thanks.