Howlin' Ray's

I’ve been thinking…and don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the chicken sando. BUT, I think the fried chicken shawarma sandwich from Dune is the best chicken sandwich in the city. #comeatme


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They are at a 6 mile radius now I believe but if it gets too busy they will cut off orders FYI.


They do cut off orders intermittently when it is busy. I was tapping F5 today for about 10 min before I was able to get my order through.

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How refreshing!


Is this the only way, or will Postmates send a text once Howlin’ Ray’s re-opens for orders?

The reason I ask is b/c I logged in, and HR is currently unavailable. The Postmates system, though, said I could receive notification once HR re-opens (but I don’t see an interface to do that).

I saw the same issue, no actual way of setting up notifications. So I just refreshed every couple of moments on the web browser.

Got it (and in!). I actually spent so much time futzing around w/ my “address” that I actually lost the window and had to wait. So I decided to get in the car and drive, while partner refreshed the window every few mins. :slight_smile:

Lovely sandwich. Slaw is great. I had the soggy bottom (bun) issue, too, but so glad the place is back in business… And that I don’t need to wait 1.5-2 hrs in line!


Today was not a good look - there were 15-20 or so "drivers’ waiting to pick up at certain times (saw multiple instances during my ~2 hours there), all crowded together (and some not wearing the proper protection). This was troubling to the point where patrons of other places in Far East refused to enter. Hopefully this will get solved, and I know Johnny and the HR staff are concerned and trying to do their best. This is obviously more on Postmates and their drivers (another negative of using 3rd-party apps: the lack of control over these elements).


Reminds me of this quote from David Wilcox of Hail Mary

Wilcox said that before turning off delivery, he tried to have a conversation with a rep at Caviar about his concerns. “Caviar said they weren’t willing to create a strict set of protocols or a screening process for who is actually driving for them,” he says. “They’re just bringing in bodies.”


I went to Far East Plaza yesterday to pick up my order from Pearl River Deli and was shocked by how many Postmates drivers were waiting for Howlin’ Ray’s. I thought maybe some were misguided HR customers who thought they could place takeout orders, but no such luck. I checked the video that I took and there were easily 25-30 drivers standing around. Most were wearing masks, though some were not. I was relieved to be able to wait inside of PRD for my order instead of out in the plaza.