Howlin' Ray's

Can you use your fast pass yet? I don’t think so. Been holding onto one from Christmas.

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I don’t know about Pasadena but fast pass should be usable for main location. They were previously not widely advertising it but that might have changed since.

Might need to email in and check is all and they have a limited COVID menu. I was all set to use mine but that was the weekend they ended up shutting down over a COVID scare as mentioned previously. Haven’t had a chance to use mine again since.

You should be able to use the GC portion of your fastpass. The actual fastpass is useless right now with no line.

I want to wait to use mine for when they have a full menu.


I think their menu wasn’t that limited. If I remember right, it might have just been no Batters Box or Whole Bird option and none of the super spicy options (No X-Hot or Howlin). So limited might have been a poor choice of words. They got the wings, the Sando, and various sides, which always seemed to be the main things to order anyways.

And @PorkyBelly there is no line but there is still the Postmates to factor in. If I recall Js comes from OC. The Postmates sometimes shuts down because there are too many orders right? That added variability might make that a non-preferred option when coupled with distance and timing.

On the other hand, if @js76wisco decides to sit in at PRD and then order Howlin Rays… :yum:


When we Postmated in early May it was wings, sandwiches and a few sides only. I know the sandwich is the darling of FTC HR fans and it is very delicious, but I prefer their tenders un-sandwiched (she ducks & runs) and the big pieces of bone-in goodness. :blush:


Now you’re talking


looks like it might open tomorrow? or an update?

The location they’ve been sending postmates stuff out is off Allen/Walnut in Pasadena next door to Chaaste market. I’ve seen them go in and out when visiting Chaaste for lunch.That parking lot is tiny but plenty of street parking around the neighborhood. I wonder if that’s just a postmates kitchen as I can’t imagine they’d be at such a tiny retail space. But the parking lot is doing major construction that started today sooo maybe it’s in anticipation.

I remember Eater LA mentioning a location off arroyo parkway

My friend lives in the area and says that the spot at which it will open (800 Arroyo Parkway) is a “shell,” as of last week.

what’s a shell?

I haven’t the slightest idea since I don’t live in the area and can’t check myself.

Whatever it looks like, my friend said that it’s not in any condition to be a functional restaurant.

They are likely still much further off than they originally planned to be, the pasadena location is most likely a temporary ghost kitchen

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Ghost (Kitchen) in the Shell


Officially open for 626. Delivery only through Postmates.


So happy for the 626ers!

HR is stalking my mom :grin:

I guess they won’t give up until my mom admits its food is worth waiting in line for…

Looking forward to trying out this location…you know, once I can get to LA without a private jet. Or I can afford one.


My understanding is that commercial planes have very powerful air filtration systems… :frowning:

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