Mini Kabob

I agree with you thal Mini is quite a bit better but they are different beasts.
I like those chewy, gnarly pork ribs, which I don’t believe think Mini even has.
And Hamlet gets a point or two for having a place to sit, however bizarre that seating is!

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Agree; also, points for sending me into an unmarked hall with a key for an alleged bathroom I searched for for 10 minutes before giving up (I should have given up at the outset when he said “there’s no sign”).

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I have to give extra points to hamlet’s for using charcoal.


those are the “baby pork cartilage” (khrchik) and are 30 bucks now.

I finally got to try the potatoes and they weren’t good at all, maybe they were steaming in the box too long before I picked them up but they were soggy and had zero crispy.


how many people did that platter feed?

8, and we only finished maybe 70% of the meat (and much less of the sides). But some of the family are pretty light eaters.


Mini Kabob just joined Table22 and I just signed up. It’s 71.66 for the “for 2” sub. This is what we pay for most our meals out, all in with tip and drinks, so it was a quick decision for me, even if I have to reheat the items. Plus, Table22 makes it seemingly easy to pause… so I just plan to get the first month and take it from there. This will be for next month’s drop… will report back.


I did a MK x Hamlets bang type thing.

I found the overall meal at MK better but the thing that I want to eat again most are those baby pork cartilage. Plus the lavash there is way better and eats up all that smoke. Agree that the smokiness comes at the cost of tenderness.

I paid >$30pp at both places so they’re both not every day lunch things for me either but damn that pork was good. Sides at MK were stellar but those MK potatoes did nothing for me.

Also, BYOToum is the play for Hamlets…which you can pickup from MK. The lamb absolutely needed it imo. We also overall preferred the toum from MK vs Zankou.