Needle - Silver Lake

Very yummy. Photos forthcoming? :sunglasses:


We’re having a healthy, fruity, tofu-ty breakfast. Needle’s fruity Almond Jello and Tofu Pudding w/Ginger syrup from @moonboy403. :yum:


honey walnut shrimp

peads & barnetts berkshire pork jowl, black bean sauce

skewer of the night? so good I had to order another, which happened to be the last one of the night. don’t tell @TheCookie

weiser farms jimmy nardello peppers, lemon

pork collar - marinated and grilled peads & barnetts pork collar, squash
dish of the night? so good we ordered 3? more. eat with some of ryan’s piping hot rice. pork collar > char siu?

button mushroom, spicy salt, onion, peppers
crispy, delicious and piping hot

squid salad - squid, glass noodle, cabbage, tomato, tofu, peppers, garlic soy

second best dish of the night? so good we ordered another.

orange chicken - chicken thigh, orange sauce, sesame, slaw

the last of the donuts

almond jello - orange, nectarine, pluot, mango, goji berry, lychee jelly

lost count on how many we ordered, 15?

thank you needle, farewell for now.


@rlw power rankings forthcoming?

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that post makes it sound like it’s closing forever… hope not the case