Noma - Mexico

I’ll be going. Anyone else?

Probably would check it out if it wasn’t literally double the price of their normal menu. That makes no sense to me.

I’d assume the cost of relocating is enormous. But we were in Copenhagen recently and I wouldn’t try for a res there either. Just too much for me.

One would think so, but the Australia version cost 339 and the Tokyo version cost 385. So what gives? Is he building out his own kitchen? He honestly might be, but why not just pop up somewhere in Mexico City, or even at Hartwood in Tulum where my wife dined right next to him!

I should probably go and edit my initial post: as currently planned, I’ll be going.

I can absolutely understand the point(s) each of you makes. And, for what it’s worth, here are links to the updates Noma has been sending since it was announced, which may help at least partially to address your thoughts:

Lastly, here is an Eater post that does raise some very interesting points, too: Eater

In terms of pricing - based on that Eater link - it’s an extra $110 more than either of the previous two iterations. Given the additional circumstances in relocating the entire team, etc, that doesn’t seem like too much of an increase.

Regardless, it’s still far from cheap/affordable, which most all other dining in the country would be.

Yeah it seems nonsensical.

You could eat at Quintonil, a place ranked 12th in the world nearly for times over for the price.

Really weird. Too bad. Also, doing it in Tulum is really weird and incredibly disappointing as a choice of local.

Do you think it will affect the business for that short period?

I have to confess, I’m not quite sure what you are asking.

Sorry. I’m just wondering if at that price will they still book solid for the entire time they’re there? Whereas in Copenhagen, perhaps not.

Ahhh. I think I recall seeing on Eater (or similar) that these bookings were completely sold out in a matter of hours, with the “Prime” weekend ones being gone within minutes.

edit: Yes, and here is the link: Noma Mexico Sold Out

I loved the comment that Australia sold out in 90 SECONDS!!!

Noma has the kind of media exposure that makes it a darling of the ultra wealthy crowd. Frankly, I’m surprised places like Noma don’t charge $10,000 per dinner. To the majority of their clientele it would be the same price, and they would still sell out every night.

If you think that sounds crazy, you don’t realize how intense wealth disparity in the world actually is.

So … I take it you’re not a fan? :wink:

I got to thinking. $3k for dinner for 4 is cheaper than flying to Copenhagen, etc. Such a deal :slight_smile:

I really hate hassles dining…

I hate having to make plans in advance.

I’ve never made a reservation at Bestia for example.

Hell, I walked into my favorite salon the other day and managed to talk my way into a fit when they are typically appointment-only.

I only had to book Saison like a couple of weeks out and I doubt Noma is much better than that. Maybe it’s a little better, but with 100x the hassle.

Hell, I booked Quintonil less than a week out… and I just walked into EMP lol Hell I even backdoored N/Naka and got in there a week out.

I am not a fan of anywhere I can’t walk into generally speaking but any longer than a month out and I’m put off.

The only exception of this I am thinking of making is for Faviken.

The price thing is just a commentary on the world. I am kind of surprised sometimes that restaurants like Noma don’t charge 10x what they do currently.

We were going to Barcelona a few years ago and booked our flights etc months in advance. I stumbled into a res for Tickets Bar…two months in advance to the day. It was so worth it that I encouraged people to get the res and then book their flights! No joke. It was that good.

Ehh the price point still doesn’t make sense to me. I also don’t love making the drinks mandatory. Just seems like an easy way to get another 200 bucks.

Regardless, the meal will surely be exquisite. I’d just rather eat at Etxebarri, Azurmendi, and Akelarre for the same price, which I did this summer.

It’s a bummer, because 600 not including tip and tax definitely reaches a prohibitively expensive price, where I’d argue that a 250 dollar meal wouldn’t, but let’s be real, I’m just assigning arbitrary price points based on my own economic situation! :flushed:

For $600pp?

No I’m saying I was able to eat at all three of those for around 600 per person. Etxebarri is considered the best grilling restaurant in the world, while Azurmendi and Akelarre both have three stars.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge drinker, so all of the above meals included a recommended bottle of a local Spanish wine that was generally less than 40 dollars rather than a pairing. That’s why I’m not thrilled that Noma Mexico does not allow you to skip the beverage pairing.

Thanks. After I posted I realized that was likely what you meant.

I don’t know why anyone cares. All the reservations are taken. There are restaurants where I’ll never eat because I just won’t pay that much but it doesn’t bother me.