NOREE THAI on Beverly (from Chef Pia and Chef Fern of Luv2Eat)

Kra pow is great here and served as spicy as needed. Zero complaints today


just grabbed their basil eggplant lunch special to go ($11 bucks with the 10% off)…Comes with rice, small salad, and an eggroll…really tasty and great qpr. Thanks for reminding me to go @Nemroz


Guys… they lost 4 cooks to Thailand and as a result both Pla and Fern are in the kitchen right now. That means you need to go eat :). So good


Lunch specials are great deal right now 12 bucks out the door


It looks great. What is the first one?

Sergios in da house. Great to know!

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That’s deep fried squeazel with wide noodle. Aka pad see eeeew

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Great news! IMO Luv2eat is only good when Sergia or Sergias are both in the kitchen.


I haven’t seen them there for years. Noree is where the 3 hang

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Ooh, what’s the dish in the last pic?

Random question, but did you get a new phone or something? The pics seem insanely sharp.

That’s what I thought. Gorgeous photo.

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Same iPhone 11. Must just be the dusk lighting . That’s their mango and sticky

Y’all sleeping on the braised baby squid in squid ink!!

Went to say bye to Noree.

Legit fried rice, glass noodle, Larb and the obligatory curry crab


Are they closing?

@Nemroz is moving out of the area


@Nemroz are you staying in the greater LA area?

I think we will now have to call it the Lesser LA area.
Because he’s leaving.

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Sad :frowning: