Reselling Tock reservations for profit

If there is money to be made its going to be difficult to enforce.

Fuck those people


Side note, did anybody else see Max Shapiro touting a new member’s only app that lets you get exclusive reservations. It’s called Dorsia and you have to link to your linked in when signing up hahahahaahahaha.


If a restaurant is charging $500 per person and tickets are being scalped for $700, maybe they should raise their prices.


I blame @lafoodie


To be fair you can be joe blow and still get in. It’s not that useful right now and the tables are all overpriced so you don’t want it anyway.

Do you also have to write a 500 word essay on why Phil Collins’ solo work is far superior to that of Genesis or on the perfection that is Huey Lewis and the News?


Should this be part of the hot takes thread?


It’s a joke referencing the movie (and book) American Psycho. Dorsia, in the book, is a high-end NYC restaurant that the lead character (Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale in the film) consistently tries and fails to get a reservation at.

He also goes on a long rant his love for Huey Lewis (basically, declaring his love of all things basic, middle-brow, and mainstream) just before killing a colleague with an axe, ending with “Try getting a reservation at Dorsia NOW, you fuckin’ stupid bastard!”

His praise for Collins in interspersed with truly obscene instructions to a pair of prostitutes, so I won’t be linking to that scene. :slight_smile:


That’s what ChatGPT is for.

How is this different from Ticketmaster?

Tock is like Ticketmaster for restaurants, but unlike Ticketmaster they don’t allow resale.

But they’re doing it?

Tock (and the restaurants) allow “transfer your reservation to another person” - that (on purpose) doesn’t specify under which conditions this transfer might happen


Word on NYC reddit is that NYT is soon going to write up a story about Appointment Trader. The SF Chronicle already did. Not as well-known (or infamous) in LA as in the Bay and NYC, but this is bottom of the barrel in terms of selling restaurant reservations. Sellers use bots to take up all the reservations in milliseconds and bid them on the site.

Check out Hayato:

great way to get banned from hayato.

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Pretty crazy that there are enough people out there willing to pay hundreds of dollars to go eat at a restaurant that this business exists. I guess its not different than buying tickets to a sporting event or concert. My brain can’t get around the fact that making reservations at restaurants does not cost anything other than time spent and how ever much you paid for your bot.


Only slightly crazier than how hard it is to get reservations at restaurants that charge over $400 per person before drinks, tax, and tip.

I guess if you spend $3,000 on dinner an extra $200 to secure the reservation doesn’t seem all that bad. Not for me.

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