Tired Of Terrible French Fries


Does anyone have thoughts on L’Assiette fries vs. Majordomo BS fries? It’s been yrs since I had the ones at L’Assiette, but I thought they were excellent.


Radically different styles.


I had them the other night after seeing the love for them on the board. They were absolutely incredible and totally worth every penny. They give you a fair amount of fries.


I agree - very good. And generous portions too. My favorite fries were from Hal’s Bar and Grill are now - but they’ve closed up. Damn.

I also like the fries at Lunetta All Day. Not as good as Bel Campos, but still very satisfying.


Agree. Good but not enough to crave them. Or go back because of them. I will travel for fries.


Yes to Oinkster. NO NO NO to Langers and Apple Pan.


I like langers fries. Hearty Crinkle Cuts. Always fried well and stand up in the Pastrami and Cheese Fries…


I would consider langers fries well done to be “excellent”, under the crinkle cut category.


I had my doubts about the price tag on fries of all things. But I’m happy to report that I’m more than willing to order it again! The BS fries, though a touch over aggressively seasoned, is legit and comes with a Raclette cheese sauce that goes really well with the fries

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The fries at Pita Wrap in DTLA is pretty damn good.

Only $3.50

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The fries at Mee and Greet are excellent. Fried perfectly crisp every time.

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McDonald’s already perfected the french fry. I don’t know why everyone keeps trying to re-invent it.



Miss the beef tallow McFries…


Beef tallow aside, one secret to McDonald’s fries is they’re double fried:


Oh, I did try them. Twice now. And though good, they were not great. I much prefer the friend spuds at Oinkster, Bel Campo and Lunetta but I think my favorite (now that Hal’s is gone) is The Tavern in Brentwood.


Langers?! Good lord. Try the others I recommended, your life is about to change.


The real killer for McDonalds. They willingly gave up the monopoly on great french fries (Burgers Never Say Die may have stolen their beef tallow recipe, good for them!). Now it’s indistinguishable from every other fast food french fry done in vegetable oil. It’s only the serious foodie joints that fry in animal fat now.

I don’t care what anyone says about In-N-Out fries, there’s a uniqueness/honesty about them that makes them far more appealing to order than the typical frozen/blanched fries that are forgettable and characterless. Fries are so boring and ubiquitous a side dish that I’ll only order it if at least tries to have a bit of character.

There’s something to be said with just cutting up a potato on order and sticking it in oil, that’s it.

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That’s not a McD secret. That’s the typical way you’re supposed to make fries. All fast food establishments blanch them in a lower temp hot oil, sometimes freeze them for shipment, and then fry them again on spot.

Except In-N-Out, which lives up to it’s freshness-made-to-order angle. That’s what single fry method is supposed to taste like.

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I’m not old enough to have had beef tallow fries at McDonald’s, but I think they are the best fries out there at that price level, even beating many others at a higher price level. Crispy, salty, skinny, consistent.

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Proudly doing it wrong since 1948!

Even if you’re going to cut corners and fry only once, the results will be better if the potato has lower moisture content, which can be consistently assured by using frozen, pre-cut fries, like Thomas Keller does.