TOP CHEF: Los Angeles

Here is one of my favorite writer’s power rankings for week 1.

and here’s Week 2: J Gold Tribute


Top Chef: Los Angeles, week 3 power rankings

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Week 4

Week 5

I’m enjoying the season so far, both because it seems like the competition is pretty high level and because it’s fun to see local LA stuff even when it’s used sort of strangely. I was very intrigued by the Haitian Pikliz last week, and by Eric’s Calypso sauce. The amount of Nancy Silverton we’ve gotten has been pretty solid too.

I also like the Pack Your Knives podcast, from a couple of smart basketball writers who like to analyze strategy and such. Kevin Arnovitz is also a very knowledgeable and well-connected LA food person, so it’s been nice to have his informed local opinions on guests and locations.


Thanks for the heads up on the podcast!

Week 6

It’s taken a bit, but I’m caught up. I really am enjoying this season…more so since it showcases LA in such a familiar way.
I am so ready for some cheftestants to pack their knives and go. I don’t enjoy all the chips on their shoulders. Just go cook your best. The fact that Malarkey has a rating list with him topping Bryan Voltaggio, Kevin Gillespie, Gregory, Eric, Melissa, Lee Anne, and almost everyone else left is laughable.
I’m loving the diabolical challenges. The producers have upped their game.


I’m really enjoying this season too. I wanna vote out Malarkey so bad!
with the remaining group i want Melissa to win.


Week 7

Week 8: Restaurant Wars!

Here’s Week 9: The Gathering of the Karens, LOL

Week 10 with n/naka

That Last Chance Kitchen was no joke! But let’s be real, that first battle was not surprising.

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they picked the wrong brother for this season


He can’t seem to cook edit for shit but I love watching to see what ice cream he’s going to make next.


Did you see Stephanie’s face? man was she annoyed…haha

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fucks up the ice cream machine so no one else can use it. haha

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And she waited the entire time for Kevin to call her out.

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the man is playing 4D chess while the rest of the chefs are playing checkers.


Week 11! i haven’t watched it yet but here’s Vince Mancini’s weekly ranking