Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

How was the sauce and sauce/topping/crust ratio?

Well balanced, but all on the lighter side. It kind of reminded me of a Joe’s slice.


That does look like Joe’s. A good thing in my book.

Lighter is better for me (not a huge fan of sauce on my pizza).

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confirmation is good


Friend came over bearing gifts… Mulberry Street.

Forgot how big these pies are, 20”. Nice big slices.

Good undercarriage.

I like that it’s very thin. I wish Pizza Wagon pies were thinner. They seem thicker recently.

So, I think this is comparable to Vito’s. Sauce is kind of nondescript with a bit of oregano. Greasy and no pepperoni cups. I much prefer Prime and Pizza Wagon but this is an itch scratcher.

This was $22 out the door, there was a $10 off sitewide coupon for the Slice App


A fun article by my friend Andy Wang on our local pizza whisperer [L.A. Magazine]…


Anyone done the Side Pie experience in Altadena? Looks promising.


I went a couple times last summer, and was pretty impressed. Looking forward to seeing what they can do with the forthcoming full restaurant space.


Sgt Pepperoni’s (Newport Beach)

I’ve been spending some time in Orange County lately, and “discovered” Sgt Pepperoni’s. Quotation marks because it’s been around for a while, so I’m clearly late to the party here.

The pepperoni cups looked great in pictures, and even better when I brought this home. They have a really nice bite, and not too thick like Prince Street Pizza.

The crust and sauce are fantastic. I always like adding fresh basil to my pies, and here it’s free of charge. Nice.

I had a feeling I would love the pizza, so I had to get some extra goodies. The grandma slice is a real highlight, and a nice showcase for their sauce. I hate the word ‘robust,’ but that’s how I would describe it. Love the crisp and pillowy crust, too. I did find the pinwheels too cheesy, and this is coming from someone who would otherwise never say that.

For lunch the next day, a slice of the meatball ricotta. This impressed the hell out of me, like eating a really great lasagna. Again, the sauce shines really bright here. And the presumably homemade meatball is great.


I’m totally with you. Lived in OC for 12 years now and still haven’t eaten at Sgt Pepperoni’s.

It looks like a better version of Costco style pizza. Nice grease chalices. Will try them when I’m in the area.

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Uh, hello, what are those deliciously cheesy critters? Never heard of these.

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It’s a circle of pizza dough with a center full of cheese. You can get it with pepperoni, meatball or spinach+broccoli. I would like it a lot more if there was a layer of dough in the center.

Was expecting something more like this:


Ok that looks delicious!

Thank you for the explanation.

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I would try Hail Mary but I have to admit, overtime I find myself on Glendale Blvd, I get lost…dont bother reminding me to just use my phone, haha!

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Ah, ha…so you noticed a thicker crust at Pizza Wagon lately? I guess we need to mention “keep it thin” when ordering!

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@lapizzamaven Here comes a clam pie for you to try.