LA FTC'ers a/k/a "beer snobs"

This weekend I’m on these Germans

Well I’m a hoppy kinda dude so for Enegren stuff I tend to like their sharper, hoppier pilsners. My wife swears by their hefe. German stuff is pretty much all they do, and I think they do them well.

Loooove Dry River! I haven’t been particularly taken with Indie’s beers, but I have friends who like them so (pre-pandemic) I went fairly often. They do have some solid food pop-ups out front.

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Has anyone tried Institution IPAs? They don’t do hazies only original west coast styles. I use to work there and love that they’re family owned. Real nice people.

I miss the days of chasing whales. Today’s scene seems so saturated and nothing really innovative coming out. Maybe it’s just my taste buds. I remember waiting 8+ hours in the rain or scorching heat for bottles like beatification, duck duck gueuze,
Churchill’s finest hour. Man those were the days haha. I would never wait that long for any food or drink now.

Never heard of Institution and we’ve been to Santa Barbara twice in the past few months. I hit up Llama Dog and don’t recall seeing any of their beers on tap.

I’m kind of done waiting on lines chasing whales too although I’ll occasionally git up Monkish and I’m a Horus convocation member. There is too much good beer all around us in SoCal that its not worth waiting in lines anymore.


I think we’ve been to their Camarillo location and had a good couple of pours. Was ages back.

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My wife’s family is from Camarillo and Institution has been a longtime favorite. Always a great hang and the beers rarely disappoint – Scary Dairy and White Walls are my go-tos. I would place it with Enegren in the second tier of Ventura breweries which is a fairly significant drop from Casa Agria’s lofty perch.

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