LA FTC'ers a/k/a "beer snobs"

I’ve been there, it’s by cellarmaker I think. They ship?

Booo. We just missed ordering the Double Dry Hopped Pliny cans

Whaaaa??? This is a thing?!

Yes, City Beer Store in SF delivers. Pretty good selection. Mix and match.


Accidentally deleted my last post but wow! I don’t know if they have ever done DDH anything before. Can’t imagine what kind of magic Vinnie made with this beer.

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You bought the DDH Pliny online or at a store?

I still have my old pliny shirt from like a decade ago that said no randall required. This is basically a randalled beer lol

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Sorry I already have friends to order with.

Jkjk . I missed the sale, it’s gone now so I’m stuck drinking all the other bomb shit

Keep pressing your luck. I’ll find you at a Santa Rosa winery this summer and break all social distancing rules.

Those DDH Pliny sold out real quick.

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We booked paso, Cambria and los Olivos. I don’t know if sonoma is in the cards :frowning:

Not sure if you guys like sour IPA but Alvarado St has 2 new ones and a new hazy IPA they released today. Good case to mix and match with friends.

Ew . What